France-Poland: “Mbappé? He wants to play tomorrow,” assures Didier Deschamps

France-Poland: “Mbappé?  He wants to play tomorrow,” assures Didier Deschamps

We have to finish the job. After a narrow victory against Austria (1-0) and a frustrating draw against the Netherlands (0-0), the Blues will seek to secure the best place in Group D of the Euro this Tuesday (6 p.m. ) by getting the best of Poland, already eliminated.

They will have to regain the efficiency that has eluded them since the start of the tournament. With or without Mbappé at kick-off? Didier Deschamps remained evasive, without saying too much about the star striker, at a press conference this Monday at Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund.

Did Kylian Mbappé give you enough guarantees to be available?

DIDIER DESCHAMPS. It’s better every day. The hematoma has healed a little, he is getting used to the mask. He wants to play tomorrow as much as he wanted to play against the Netherlands.

Can the fact that it is hidden push you to take it out of density? Could this disrupt his vision a little?

Contacts are everywhere today, in all duels. For those who have worn it, it is not restrictive but it obviously limits vision a little. The mask is supposed to protect so in certain situations it limits your vision a little. We have the impression of having 3D glasses, even if the technology has improved and allows us to have the thinnest masks possible. You have to get used to it.

“Our goal is to do everything to finish in first place”

Didier Deschamps

If you are qualified this evening, will that have an influence on the eleven you field?

No. Our goal is to do everything to finish in first place. Even if this probability exists, it will not change our objective.

And the fact that there are 6 or 7 days left before a potential 8th final?

It can, as it did, enter into Nagelsmann’s thinking with Germany (Sunday against Switzerland, 1-1). But the objective remains for us to win this match to obtain the best place.

Dayot Upamecano has been perfect since the start of the Euro. Did you have anything to do with it?

It’s nice of you to give me an effect on the players. I’m here for that too, but it’s not just me, it’s my staff too. Whether with Dayot and all the players, we want to put them in the best possible condition. Fortunately he was able to play the last two matches with his club but he had a long period without playing and had some physical problems too. He has to stay at this level of performance, it’s important for us.

Does the physical state of Antoine Griezmann concern you? Could you spare him this Tuesday?

He was better in the second match but missing these two opportunities changes the vision we have of his match. On an athletic level, I know Antoine well, he had a busy season. These are high level matches, it’s not easy but if it’s just the fact that he didn’t have the expected effectiveness… I repeat, he was better with a slightly different positioning, like second striker, after having been more in the middle against Austria.

“If people don’t like what they see, they change the channel, it’s easy at home”

Didier Deschamps

Do you feel any frustrations among the players who have been playing less since the start?

Ah, if I could make everyone play… Mathematically, it’s impossible! When there are 23, there are three who don’t play on average. So at 25… it won’t be less. All players can claim to be a starter. You will say that it is a problem of the rich but there are only 11 holders and I make sure to concern everyone.

Does the fact that Poland is already eliminated make you be even more cautious?

Caution and distrust. They had a very, very good match against the Netherlands. Will they be the same players? We’ll see, but I know very well that the Polish team will be motivated with a lot of big guys. This allows them to often be dangerous in stopped phases.

Do you understand the criticism of the game played by your team?

You are free to comment, to say whatever you want. What’s annoying is not having scored against the Netherlands after having had so many chances. Besides that, you can make whatever comments you want. If people don’t like what they see, they change the channel, it’s easy at home. At the stadium, it’s more complicated (smile).


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