Formula 1 fans invade Passeig de Gràcia: “It was completely worth it”

Formula 1 fans invade Passeig de Gràcia: “It was completely worth it”

The fans of the Formula 1 They had been waiting for an event like this for years. Children and not so children waited nervously for the parade to begin, which this Wednesday brought the excitement of the competition to the heart of Barcelona. “We arrived at 10 in the morning,” they say. smiling, Berta, Mireia and Marta. “The wait has been worth it. Completely,” they say.

The three of them study audiovisuals and about two years ago they discovered F1. “We began to get fond of seeing the careers and as the days passed the desire to go to a place increased. circuit. This year will be the first one we go to Montmelóbut this… has been spectacular,” they say. “It has been incredible to see them so close. The noise, the cars… incredible“, they say, still excited. The wait, they say, has been worth it. “We have been studying while we waited. But she has been worth it. With the Casa Batlló background and everything, it has been spectacular.

Za Fang Dong Hu and Nerea Marcos after seeing the Road Show in Passeig de Gràcia. / Manu Mitru

Like them, a total of 38.000 personas, according to data provided by the Guàrdia Urbana, they did not want to miss this historic event in the heart of Barcelona. Za Fang and Nerea proudly wear their Ferrari. “The best thing about the show? “Carlos without a doubt!” says this couple. “We have never seen anything like this, we have come on purpose since Mallorca to see it,” they say excitedly.

“Seeing Carlos and having the noise of the engines so close has been incredible,” they explain. Nerea and Za Fang arrived at 12 noon and changed their return flights to be able to enjoy this experience more peacefully. “It’s a great way to bring F1 to the people,” they acknowledge.

Bring F1 closer to the people

In many cases, this road show has been the closest they will get to the excitement of the competition. This is the case, for example, of Josep, who although he expected “a little more magic from the pilots, horns and such”, he assures that the wait “has been worth it.” “I wish I could go to the circuit, but the price makes it almost impossible for me and the tickets were sold out in no time. I will watch it from home, but this experience is something that takes away the regret of not having been able to go,” he says, satisfied. “The fact that Madrid has opted for F1 with the urban circuit has made Barcelona spabile and make the competition. It is clear that if they have acted it has been for Madrid. The fans want Montmeló to continue for many more years,” he says with conviction.

Josep Segarra after seeing the Road Show in Passeig de Gràcia. / Manu Mitru

Something similar thinks Daniel, who has been able to get rid of the thorn of not going to the circuit this year with this show. “I arrived late because there was a long line, but it was brutal. This weekend I can’t go to the circuit and I didn’t want to miss the show because I am very fanatic and I had never seen it so close,” he says happily. “I know there is a little controversy, but it attracts a lot of people from outside and it’s only a few days in exchange for all this spectacle,” he says shortly before entering the Fan Village. “Now I really want to try the simulator”, dice.

Daniel Ramos after seeing the Road Show in Passeig de Gràcia. / Manu Mitru

Kochi, Instead, he will go to Montmeló, but today he had an experience that he will never forget. He is 11 years old, he was wearing a Pirelli cap and an Aston Martin t-shirt and although he has not been able to see his idol, Fernando Alonso, was equally excited. “He has been very cool, I have seen him on the screen and I have not been able to see everything well, but… I have seen him!” He says, still excited. “I was very excited to see the pilots and that’s why I asked my mother to bring me to see the parade,” he says. His mother patiently waits behind. “Carlos Sainz “It’s been amazing,” he says while his mother waits for him in line at the Fan Village.

Kochi Rou after watching the Road Show in Passeig de Gràcia. / Manu Mitru

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