Former NFL player criticizes Luka Doncic after NBA Finals: Is the Slovenian All-Star being unfairly judged?

Former NFL player criticizes Luka Doncic after NBA Finals: Is the Slovenian All-Star being unfairly judged?

By Mathieu S. | NBA Editor

Despite obvious talent, Luka Doncic was often called into question in these finals. After the defeat, a former NFL player was quick to trash the Slovenian, even if his speech did not please.

After a good run in the final, the Mavericks are nevertheless widely criticized for their performance against the Celtics. This is the case of Kyrie Irving, often invisible in this series against his former team, while Luka Doncic was called into question. A potential MVP for many and yet the Slovenian has shown many shortcomings in recent days.

Between his complaints towards the referees or his absences when it comes to defending, let’s just say that Doncic is still far from convincing absolutely everyone. If he wants to win his first championship with the Mavericks, it’s clear he’ll have to do better in the future. But others sometimes go a little too far regarding the star.

Luka Doncic humiliated for his performance in the finals

When taking stock of the Slovenian, former NFL player LeSean McCoy was particularly critical of the Slovenian. The worst All-Star he has seen in history according to him:

LeSean McCoy : “Luka Doncic is the worst All-Star I have seen in my life. He can score, he can pass, he can grab some rebounds and all that. But he makes no effort on defense. He doesn’t want to defend. He doesn’t fight to recover lost balls or to grab rebounds. »

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“He has no sense of urgency and I won’t let my son, who wants to be a basketball player, watch his games. I don’t want him to learn from such a superstar. No attitude, he doesn’t care about anything. That’s crazy. »

Quite harsh on Doncic, especially when we see everything he accomplished in these playoffs. There are things to improve, of course, but some sometimes go a little too far.

We let anyone talk about basketball now 😭

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Luka Doncic has not been unanimous since the finals, to the point where we hope that the Slovenian will have a little challenge this summer, for the good of the Mavericks. But be careful not to say anything either.

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