Former Head of Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises College Volunteers at Adidas Arena for Paris Games

Former Head of Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises College Volunteers at Adidas Arena for Paris Games

The former head of the Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises college, Françoise Gogien, will volunteer at the Adidas Arena in Paris for the Games. “A dream come true” after several years of sports volunteering throughout France.

It’s an understatement to say that she’s looking forward to it. When some people get annoyed by hearing about the Paris Olympics every day, François Gogien doesn’t miss a beat. From July 26 to August 9, the Langroise will volunteer at the Games,Adidas Arena, Porte de la Chapelle, for service to spectators. “I’m like a kid. Yet I am 64 years old! », she sums up, with contagious enthusiasm.

As a child, she dreamed of going to the Games. Her sporting skills did not allow her to do so, but it was nevertheless in sport that she built her professional career: a PE teacher now retired, François Gogien climbed the ranks to finally occupy the position of head of school at the Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises college, until last year.

Swimming, mountain biking, badminton… Nothing stops him!

“Sports volunteering also supported me. I practiced it everywhere in France. For me, it’s a passion, sharing and pleasure,” she confides. World Para Athletics Championships, archery World Cup round, French Open and Orléans Masters badminton championships, mountain biking and cycling World Cup… Françoise Gogien’s wild card could not go unnoticed among the volunteer applications for the Paris Games. “Especially since mid-March 2023, the Badminton Federation had boosted my request, as it was authorized to do,” continues the Langroise.

Also for the Paralympic Games

It was quite naturally through this sport, Olympic since 1992, that Françoise was recruited. At the Adidas Arena, in the north of Paris, she will also work on rhythmic and sports gymnastics events, then on badminton and weightlifting, during the Paralympic Games. “A priori, I will take care of the spectators,” she explains.

The Langroise is multi-tasking: at a scorer’s table, at medal ceremonies, as a spectator hostess… She has already held multiple positions!

The cost of his commitment? “Yes, it will cost me a little. But it’s such a rich experience! During this period, I will live on another planet and combine business with pleasure. All this puts the worries of everyday life into perspective.” In Paris, Françoise Gogien will be hosted by other volunteers. Thanks to her commitment over the years, she has built a network throughout the country. “I was foresighted,” she sums up. At 8 years old, during the Mexico Games, then at 12, during those in Grenoble, Françoise Gogien insisted that she would one day be at the Olympics. She’s there.

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