For the Shirt: Pallacanestro Varese Season Ticket Campaign Begins

For the Shirt: Pallacanestro Varese Season Ticket Campaign Begins

Yes is open at 4pm sharpon the afternoon of Wednesday 12 June, the Varese Basketball season ticket campaignentitled “For the shirt”, a motto and graphics that stand out on the new electronic scoreboard positioned in Curva Nord while on the “cube” suspended on the parquet pass the images of the scudetto of the star, 25 years ago.

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Not a random choice because, next to the counter where the cards are signed, the company has placed replicas of the for sale sweater (precisely) of the 1999 Roosters, thanks to the collaboration with Errea which has been the company’s technical sponsor since the last season. A There were around twenty fans present at the opening of the doors of the Itelyum Arena, about fifty people who purchased passes during the first hour of opening under the watchful gaze of Leonardo Okeke, one of the very few points already set for the coming season.

The coach in pectore, Herman, also appears in turn Mandole, ei due gm americani Zach Sogolow and Max Horowitz (after 5pm Luis is here too School) ma It cannot be said that the air is particularly exciting. Or rather: the strong ones difficulties of the last championship and price increases for the most popular groups and for young people they are two topics that subscribers touch on – some with greater, some with less vehemence – waiting for their turn.

Of course, everyone is here for the will to support the team, for example to support the players (“I can’t miss it for the boys”), because the act of faith in favor of Pallacanestro Varese cannot be ignored. But, in short, the request is that of a change of pace in the results on the field because the narrow salvation at the end of April was not completely metabolised.

Even the first ever subscriber says it bluntly, the “usual” Claudio Colombo arrived at 7.30 in the morning to maintain the “number 1” they already had in previous years, they say it with greater diplomacy Alfonso Vitiello and Giuseppe Ricciolisecond and third in the order of entry.

The desire is clear: if you really can’t fight for the highest levels of Serie A – that remains the dream – at least we expect a team that doesn’t revive fears of relegation experienced in recent months. A more than legitimate request, given that yet another profession of faith request to the red and white people.

Pallacanestro Varese, season tickets open with discounts in the stands and attacks on young and “popular” players

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