Flattering Results for Italian Team at European Judo Championships Veterans in Sarajevo

Flattering Results for Italian Team at European Judo Championships Veterans in Sarajevo

Second day a Sarajevo for the European Judo Championships Veterans and also in the M3 – M4 classes the Italian team obtained flattering results, adding another gold medal with Roberto Andrea Maserinthree silver medals with David Ticca, Omar Pezzotta e Sergei Titov and three bronze with Alessio Meloni, Andrea Silvello e Vito Costanza.

Comments from the protagonists

Roberto Maserin splendid gold medal in kg. 60 M3, 4 matches won peremptorily by ippon. Roberto: “Today I felt great both physically and mentally, I reaped the benefits of what I have done in the last few months. I’m very happy”.

Serghei Titov silver medal 90 kg M4: 3 matches won by ippon with top-class opponents, upon his return to competitions after several years, Serghei comments: “I let myself be stopped by the sanctions, I could have won…”

Davide Ticca silver medal in the same kg category. 60 M3: “The double with Roberto was beautiful, it was a challenging race that gave me sensational emotions”.

Silver by Omar Pezzotta kg. 73 M3: “It was a great European Championship, I’m happy”. Omar, after winning 3 matches by ippon, led the final with a Georgian athlete who had already won world and overall Olympic silver.

Bronze for Andrea Silvello kg. 66 M4, Vito Costanza kg. 81 M4, Alessio Meloni kg. 60 M4

Vito Costanza: “I worked hard to achieve this result of which I am truly proud and happy”

Andrea Silvello: “I returned to judo after 25 years, and I’m really satisfied.”

Fifth place for Fabio Brocchieri kg. 73 M4 and Carlo Lestani Kg. +100 M4, seventh places for Leonardo Rocca and Daniele Mannina.

Giuseppe Macri: “A nice haul of medals, with the anthem that resonated today too.”

Saturday is the third day and the M1/2 classes (from 30 to 40 years old) and all the female categories will compete on the tatami.



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