“Flat” Mbappé, “mission accomplished”, Kanté “never tired”… The reactions of the Blues after Austria-France

“Flat” Mbappé, “mission accomplished”, Kanté “never tired”… The reactions of the Blues after Austria-France

Several Blues answered questions from journalists on Monday, in Düsseldorf, after Austria-France (0-1). Mbappé’s injury was mentioned. Kanté’s performance too.

Olivier Giroud (forward of the French team, after the 1-0 victory against Austria ) : “Mbappé’s injury? This is the small downside this evening… These are three very important points. During a duel, he hurt his nose, you all saw it. We hope he will recover very quickly. I know it hurts a lot at the time, it’s happened to me before. How long did it take me to return to the field? I do not know anymore. It was in Istres… Still a path open to becoming a starter for me? No… We all hope that Kylian will play the next match. I don’t think about myself at that moment. I think of him, of the team. We just hope he recovers as quickly as possible. (on the match) We could have taken cover beforehand, we lacked success and promptness, but the important thing is to create the chances. You will have to put them at the bottom. There are a lot of positives even if we could have made the score worse. A group final against the Netherlands? It’s too early. The winner would be in a good position for the future. This is the big confrontation in this group. We can look forward to this match more calmly because it is important to take three points from the start. Kante? He fully deserves his player of the match trophy. I was so happy when he was called up for the Euro. It’s great to have him on the team. It’s always the same. It’s a real plus for the team. We saw him again this evening (Monday) and we are so happy to have him…”

William Saliba (defender of the French team) : “Mission accomplished ? Yes. The most important thing was to take the three points. We knew it wouldn’t be easy against a very united team, which puts a lot of intensity. (…) We could have done even better offensively and even defensively at certain moments. The most important thing is that we remained solid and finished with a clean sheet. They were coming off a long unbeaten streak, we beat them, so we’re happy. There are things to correct, things that we could have done better. But the most important thing is to win the first match. There are two left, we’re started. (on his match) This is my first start in a competition like the Euro. But it went well, with a good victory, so I’m happy. Kylian’s injury? I haven’t seen him yet, I don’t have any news, but I know he was in a little pain. I hope he gets better because we need him. Adrien Rabiot? We need players like that, who don’t give up. He helped us a lot, as usual. N’Golo Kanté? Since the start of the gathering, he has impressed me. It’s a pleasure to play with this kind of player.”

Mbappé? It’s not much, he’s a warrior, he’ll be fine.

Adrien Rabiot

Adrien Rabiot (midfielder of the French team) : “It was quite a tough match, but we know this Austrian team. We knew before the match, we were prepared. It’s clear that it was a very physical team. We had to get up to speed and respond with intensity. (his match) I felt very comfortable. I didn’t have 90 minutes in my legs. But what I did, I did well. It’s good. Kante? He had a very good match in the middle. We were very complementary. And this is the N’Golo we know. He’s been like that since the start of preparation, very important in the midfield, especially during recovery, we’re happy to have him with us. Mbappé? I do not know exactly. You have to ask the doctor for more details. Does he have a broken nose? You already know that then (laughs). Worried ? No, it’s not much, he’s a warrior, he’ll be fine.”

Jules Koundé (defender of the French team) : “We are happy with this first victory, it is always important to start a competition well. We had a lot of chances and we would have made the end of the match easier by scoring at least a second goal but the important thing is to have generated these chances. We hope they finish at the bottom in the next match. If Mbappé’s injury spoils the pleasure of victory? A little… Afterwards, I don’t know the seriousness of the injury. But in an evening which is successful since we won, it’s a small downside. N’Golo Kanté? Nothing has changed. He is still a very efficient player when recovering the ball. He almost never gets tired. Even with the ball, he brings serenity, he finds passes… Man of the match and it is well deserved.

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