First brewery in Mexico opened at the foot of the “Popo” thanks to an emissary from Hernán Cortés – El Sol de México

First brewery in Mexico opened at the foot of the “Popo” thanks to an emissary from Hernán Cortés – El Sol de México

According to the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), it was the conquistadors who brought beer to the so-called “New World.” Although its acceptance was not easy during the New Spain era, there were multiple manufacturing attempts. However, its consolidation in Mexican lands was not until the 20th century.

The first “visionary” of beer in New Spain was an emissary of Hernán Cortés himself, this is Alfonso Herrera, who, according to the Government of Mexico website, requested the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V , a permit to open an establishment to produce beer.

Therefore, the first beer establishment in Mexico was located at the foot of Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, in Hacienda El Portal, what is currently known as Amecameca, in the State of Mexico. However, it was not successful, as it only lasted four or five years because there were no conditions for the brewery to survive, because the beer was quite expensive and its production was minimal.

This failure did not prevent beer from being consumed in New Spain, since the peninsular imported 619 barrels and more than 71 thousand bottles. It should be noted that these measures were to satisfy the needs of the Spaniards themselves and not because of popular taste.

Until when was the beer industry consolidated in Mexico?

The years passed and the popularity of beer in New Spain and later, Mexico, was slow. This was because importing hops and barley was quite expensive, which led domestic producers to grow it themselves.

In this way, during the 18th century, breweries began to take important steps towards their consolidation, but it was not until the mid-19th century that national beer production was industrialized.

During the war of independence, the consumption of beer began to consolidate and by the time the territory was established as a Republic, a regulatory framework was generated for its free production in various regions of the countryExplains the website of the Government of Mexico

At the end of the 19th century, during the Porfiriato, industrial beer production began to be formalized in the country. This situation occurred largely due to the development of railways, as it facilitated the operation of the production companies. In this way, iconic Mexican breweries were born such as:

Cuauhtémoc in Monterrey.Moctezuma in Veracruz.Berging Company of Toluca and Mexico.

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