Finding Strength Through Judo: Martha Fawaz’s Story

Finding Strength Through Judo: Martha Fawaz’s Story

Rather tall, a pretty smile, and sparkling eyes. Martha Fawaz is a talented young judoka. At almost 22 years old, she plays within PSG Judo. She is at Insep and fights in the under 57 kilo category. Her passion for judo was born from a difficult situation: victim of school bullying during her childhood, it was thanks to this sport that she found self-confidence and was able to defend herself.

The harassment

During kindergarten, Martha is harassed by an older boy. The latter hits her regularly, which causes her numerous bruises. Although his parents alerted the teachers several times, the latter did not take the situation seriously. Recess is a time feared by Martha, who does not dare talk about her suffering and takes refuge in tears.

“I didn’t necessarily let my parents speak, as I was little it seemed “normal” to me and I had gotten used to it. » The harassment lasted about three and a half years, until his parents decided to enroll him in judo to restore his confidence.

Judo, an emergency exit

In addition to harassment, Martha is subjected to thoughts about her weight, considered too thin. “The thoughts about my weight are something that marked me, even traumatized me. » Fed up with being labeled a “fragile child”, she felt strong and confident the day she set foot on a judo tatamis for the first time.

“It came suddenly. Something inside me happened. » The combat sport, unlike the classical dance she practiced before, allows her to defend herself and stop the harassment of this boy. “The next day, when the boy came back to beat me, I defended myself, which I had never done before.”

Judo began as a leisure activity for Martha, who also plays basketball. Although she also liked basketball for the collective aspect and the friendships she formed there, Martha found a unique personal satisfaction in judo. She enjoys winning or losing on her own, without depending on a team’s performance. “In basketball, what can be complicated is that you can be good on the court but not the team and that’s difficult. »

After winning a second place in her first French cadet judo championship, she was selected for the French team to compete in her first European Cup in Poland. She realizes her abilities and also sees herself making her first life choice at the age of 12. A choice of the heart that guides her in judo. She knows it, it’s her vocation. “I understood that it was judo that inspired me, that it was what I wanted to do with my life. »

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