Find out why the D’Alessio twins, footballers from Roma and Milan, came to cheer on Sporting

Find out why the D’Alessio twins, footballers from Roma and Milan, came to cheer on Sporting

I had the feeling, from first thing in the morning, that it was going to be a special night. Man, not as special as the one I asked for Sergi Mas to his beloved RCDEspanyolwhich was intended to be epic (it won’t be this one, Sergi, it won’t be this one, maybe the one on Sunday, the 23rd, yes), but I did sense that it could be a night to take into account.

Come on, as soon as, at noon yesterday, he called me my soul friend Ricardo Rosetyfrom the tribe of radio journalists of Sporting de Gijón (Juanma Castaño, Pedro Pablo Parrado, Anton Meana, Edu Pidal….and I could go on), telling me if I wanted to accompany him to the perico stadium (Stage Front Stadium The name is funny!) because, perhaps, he would need help in case he had a heart attack if his team beat Espanyol (“which won’t be, Emilio, which won’t be, because we have what we have”), he wouldn’t. I hesitated not a minute. And ‘pallá’ I left.

Getting there, an odyssey

The first thing I have to say is that you have to be a very, very football fan to go to a stadium that is very difficult to access and, I won’t even tell you, park. “I’ve left the car in a place that, I bet, when I get back, it won’t be there,” I heard a parakeet say in the queue at gate 78 (what a queue! More doors could open in a game where they expected 30,605 spectators). And so a lot of followers. “After an hour of driving around pointlessly, I told my daughter to leave me in the field and she, who was also coming to watch the game, had to take the car home,” said another neighbor. .

Francesco and Leonardo D’Alessio, Italian twins and players for Roma and Milan, last night, crazy about Sporting. / EMILIO PÉREZ DE ROZAS

The atmosphere in the blue and white stadium was shocking. The sound of that venue is prodigious. How would Jesulinein two words, awesome. The match was considered “high risk” and, I’m not saying that they could have saved it, no, but what I can say is that prohibiting visiting fans from wearing their team’s shirt is to make them look at it. It was all in exquisite harmony, except, okay, yes, so what?, for the five crazy people, on both sides, who said four crazy things and even acted cool by meeting I don’t know where. Well, that’s it, some big mouths.

The chants, the shouting, the applause, the scares, were wonderful. There is nothing like football. Nothing. The more than 2,000 Asturians (or Sporting fans) were able, in many, many moments of the match with the remaining 28,000 parakeets. That hobby is first class. Ok, both, but the thing about Sporting, seriously, is shocking. Okay, yes, so are other hobbies, but Enrique Castro’s ‘Quini’ boys were an example.

Twins and Sporting

What’s more, as soon as we stepped into the corner, the corner, where we had the tickets and where Rosety spent one of the worst nights of her life, although she knew what she was exposing herself to, we met the twins Francesco y Leonardo D’Alessio. Seriously, a gift for the journalist. The D’Alessios, wrapped in a Sporting scarf, are two 20-year-old footballers from Roma (Jose Mourinho gave Francesco his debut) and Milan. Just as you read it: two kids from Roma and Milan, in love with Sporting, who came to Barcelona to cheer on their team.

Sporting fans arriving at the Espanyol stadium. / EMILIO PÉREZ DE ROZAS

To your team? And why are they from Sporting? Well, because, a year ago, Francesco, the Roma midfielder, decided to follow, on social networks, Miguel Angel Ramirez, Sporting coach. And he followed it so much that the Asturian press even published that “Sporting is going to sign a youth star from Roma.” “And not even laughing, we simply exchanged messages, because I spend the day chasing young talents, but to know, not to sign,” Ramírez told me, at the end of last night’s game.

The fact is that there were the D’Alessios, who were left hoarse, pushing their Sporting loudly. But not only that, nooooooo, what goes, what goes. On the other side of the stadium, in the luxurious tribune, was, keep an eye out!, the Catalan Paul McGrath, recently a silver medalist at the European Athletics Championships in Rome, in the 20 kilometer walk test. I repeat: this Sporting thing has a lot to offer.

From tie to tie

The fact is that there we were all, with scarves, t-shirts, caps, chants, applause, whistles (few), witnessing a match that seemed more like a fight not to be relegated than a fight to be promoted. Sporting, you know, did what they could and more. Much more. He had Espanyol on the ropes, well, at least close to extra time, who plays at times, with blows and who entered the final with their 11th draw in 18 games coached by Manolo Gonzalez, who, it must be said, has not yet lost since he became the blue and white ‘mister’. What’s more, although Oviedo looks better (of the four finalists, they play the best, of course), Espanyol would return to First Division with two draws.

Unbeatable appearance of the Espanyol stadium. / EMILIO PÉREZ DE ROZAS

Everything was a luxury, really. I was able to accompany Ricardo to his house, safe and sound, but not before walking around the Perico stadium twice to see if we could see and, yes, we did, the Sporting bus, which meant that we didn’t go to sleep until midnight. early morning, because Rosety had to hug each and every one of the Asturian players. Everyone excited, yes. Exciting scene, too.

All this was happening while blue and white fans swore to their new friends from Sporting not to worry that they would eliminate Oviedo and while, in the distance, 20 Asturian fans could be heard singing, at the top of their voices, “Whore Oviedo! Fucking capital!” Rosety had already told me: “You don’t know, you don’t intuit, you don’t suspect, you can’t even imagine what a final would have been like, for promotion, Sporting-Oviedo. Leave it, leave it, it’s better that way.”

Your heart also appreciates it.

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