Final Four of LEB Oro League Set to Determine Promotion to Endesa League 2024/25

Final Four of LEB Oro League Set to Determine Promotion to Endesa League 2024/25

Without a clear favorite on the court and a great atmosphere expected in its stands, the Final Four of the LEB Oro League will put the second promotion spot to the Endesa League 2024/25 at stake this weekend. An event that will be played on the hardwood of a Madrid Arena in which Movistar Estudiantes will seek a place in the final against the rocky Grupo Ureta Tizona and in which Longevida San Pablo Burgos will try to repeat last year’s Final in their duel against an ICG Força Lleida ready to be the protagonist of the great final party of the season.


It will be from 5:30 p.m. this Saturday when the Madrid Arena and LaLiga+ summon us around the court to begin charting the path to promotion for one of the four protagonists of the Final Four. An even edition in which Movistar Estudiantes will act as host against a Grupo Ureta Tizona willing to not waste the opportunity to be able to seek a place in a Final that, on the other side of the table, both Longevida San Pablo Burgos and ICG will try to reach Force Lleida.

TV: LaLiga+ dresses up for a spectacular Final Four

VENUE: The Madrid Arena will host the Final Four

TABLE: The semifinals defined by the promotion in F4

HISTORY: The Madrid Arena challenges the warriors of the sixth battle

REFEREES: Referee appointment for the Final Four

FOLLOW-UP: Results – Calendar – Official Page

Time for excitement in the hours before a Final Four that will put the finishing touch to a spectacular season this weekend. An event that gains weight in the annual schedule of Spanish basketball and that will arrive this year in the capital of Spain to settle on the court of a Madrid Arena that will end up deciding the name of the second team that is promoted to the Endesa League for the next season 2024/25. Because, with Leyma Coruña already waiting for a traveling companion as league champion, three historic cities could suffer the same fate this weekend.

And to do this, their teams will have to take the first step towards the sky of Madrid this Saturday with two great games and the feeling of not having a clear favorite in any of them. A double duel that will begin with a real test for the host, a Movistar Estudiantes team that will seek promotion for the third consecutive season and in what will be its second Final Four. An edition that they will play this time at home, although on the court of a Madrid Arena that served as their home court in a slightly distant past in the Endesa League. A facility in which the vast majority of its fans will play to receive one of the most dangerous rivals in the entire competition, a Grupo Ureta Tizona that has been the sensation of the category knowing how to put aside its status as a recently promoted team to be able to fight it. the promotion to the great liners of the category. A team that will arrive with the known loss of gunner Joe Cremo on its outside line, but that has one of its main weapons precisely located at that point. And a large part of their chances of winning will depend on their balance with the inside game against a rival with the environmental factor in mind and who will try to impose their style of play in order to put the match in their interests. Although, at the same time, how men like Alec Wintering, Jhonny Dee or Francis Alonso can arrive, will be essential to gauge the victory options of Pedro Rivero’s team against the team of Diego Ocampo who, for sure, will try to surprise from the blackboard.

On the other side of the four, Logevida San Pablo Burgos will try to repeat its presence in a final that it already played last year and in which it could not win promotion in front of its fans. A social mass that will not leave the team alone in a weekend that they will have to face step by step and in which Jota Cuspinera’s men will meet a complicated client on the other side of the track. And not only because of the potential and pace of play of Gerard Find’s team but also because they have been one of the fittest teams in this final stretch of the season. A game that earned them 3-0 in the semifinals, as well as the one that will be their rival today, and that leaves the first unknown for the match: knowing how both teams are doing after several days without competition. From there, their rhythm of play, control of the rebound, ability to not make mistakes… They will mark the future of a match in which the Ilerdenses team hopes to be able to maintain its good star against an opponent built to promotion and who has taken a step forward in his game after the arrival of Jota Cuspinera to his bench. Quite a duel of titans that is expected to take a long time to acquire the long-awaited ticket.


Semifinals: Saturday June 8
– Movistar Estudiantes vs Grupo Ureta Tizona (5:30 p.m.) | LaLiga+
– Longevida San Pablo Burgos vs ICG Força Lleida (20:30h) | LaLiga+

Final: Sunday June 9
– Winner S1 vs Winner S2 (6:00 p.m.) | LaLiga+


A) Movistar Estudiantes (2nd) vs Real Betis Baloncesto (9th)
J.1: 86-77 | 1-0 | MVP: J. Rodríguez – 31 val.
J.2: 98-73 | 2-0 | MVP: G. Ferrando – 27 val.
J.3: 90-84 | 2-1 | MVP: F. Alonso – 38 val.
J.4: 77-65 | 2-2 | MVP: E. Polanco – 28 val.
J.5: 65-54 | 3-2 | MVP: L. Faggiano – 19 val.

B) Longevida San Pablo Burgos (3rd) vs UEMC Real Valladolid (8th)
J.1: 81-59 | 1-0 | MVP: L. Nwogbo – 23 val.
J.2: 91-61 | 2-0 | MVP: M. Speight – 26 val.
J.3: 75-91 | 3-0 | MVP: D. Ristic – 25 val.

C) ICG Força Lleida (4th) vs HLA Alicante (7th)
J.1: 84-73 | 1-0 | MVP: C. Krutwig – 28 val.
J.2: 88-68 | 2-0 | MVP: B. Davison – 25 val.
J.3: 68-73 | 3-0 | MVP: C. Krutwig – 17 val.

D) Grupo Ureta Tizona (5th) vs Guuk Gipuzkoa (6th)
J.1: 108-90 | 1-0 | MVP: I. Aurrecoechea – 29 val.
J.2: 90-92 | 1-1 | MVP: A. Barcello – 32 val.
J.3: 77-87 | 2-1 | MVP: A. Barcello – 25 val.
J.4: 82-79 | 2-2 | MVP: I. Aurrecoechea – 15 val.
J.5: 76-73 | 3-2 | MVP: X. Oroz – 20 val.

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