Ferrari Giorgio Dealership: A Legacy of Excellence in Modena’s Automotive Market

Ferrari Giorgio Dealership: A Legacy of Excellence in Modena’s Automotive Market

(Adnkronos) – Modena, 10 June 2024 – In a sector characterized by rapid changes and strong competition, such as that of car buying and selling, there are companies that manage to grow and prosper thanks to constant commitment and unparalleled dedication. The Ferrari Giorgio dealership represents an exemplary case of this success. Founded in 1960, this family-run business is the only one in Modena to have never changed management, remaining faithful to its roots and values ​​for over half a century. The company, which today employs over 70 collaborators, has been able to adapt to market dynamics, maintaining the quality of its services and products constant. The evolution of the Ferrari Giorgio dealership, rooted in tradition but open to innovation, makes it a model of excellence in the automotive sector.

The history of the Ferrari Giorgio dealership begins in the 1940s in Maranello, a place synonymous with motoring excellence. The young Giorgio Ferrari, inspired by the roars of Ferrari cars coming out of the nearby factory, developed an irrepressible passion for engines. This passion led him, together with his brother Franco, to work in the workshop from a young age. After years of experience accumulated in the sector, in 1960 he decided to found his own dealership. The company, initially small but ambitious, began to stand out for its customer focus and the quality of the services offered, two elements that would become the key to its lasting success.

Over the years, the Ferrari Giorgio dealership has experienced constant growth, both in terms of size and brands represented. From its beginnings as a small workshop, the company has become the official reseller of prestigious brands such as Volkswagen, Porsche, Triumph, Rover, Mini, MG, Jaguar, Land Rover, etc. This diversification has allowed the company to offer an ever-wider range of products, while maintaining high-quality customer service.

The Ferrari Giorgio dealership owes much of its success to the management continuity that has characterized its history. To date, the company is led by the founder’s daughter, Roberta Ferrari, who shares the same passion and dedication as her father. Family leadership has ensured consistent management and a long-term vision, which are key to maintaining the company’s integrity and reputation. Roberta Ferrari, together with a team of over 70 collaborators, continues to carry out the mission of offering excellent products and services, remaining faithful to the values ​​that have made the dealership great. The presence of a large exhibition space and a used car fleet of over 2000 m2 demonstrate the constant commitment to improvement and innovation, elements that have allowed Ferrari Giorgio to remain a point of reference in the automotive market.

Today, the company is the official dealer for prestigious brands, confirming itself as a point of reference for the sale of new and used cars in Modena and its province. The choice to affiliate with high-level brands reflects the dealership’s commitment to offering excellent vehicles, characterized by high performance and unmistakable design.

The Ferrari Giorgio dealership is not limited to the sale of cars, but offers a wide range of pre- and post-sale services. In addition to the sale of new and used cars, Ferrari Giorgio offers, for example, the SUV truck registration service in Modena, an option that can bring significant tax advantages for companies. Registration as a truck allows 100% VAT deduction and full deductibility of purchase costs and operating expenses, including maintenance and fuel. This type of registration can also lead to a reduction in road tax and lower insurance costs, making the purchase of an SUV from Ferrari Giorgio an extremely advantageous option for company fleets.

After-sales assistance is one of the dealership’s strong points, with a team of highly qualified technicians who guarantee timely and decisive interventions. The presence of a modern and equipped workshop allows us to provide scheduled maintenance services, repairs, bodywork, tire replacement and supply of original spare parts.

The dealership also stands out for its attention to the continuous training of its staff, who are constantly updated on the latest innovations in the automotive sector. This commitment to training translates into the certainty of receiving quality and highly personalized consultancy, which accompanies the customer from the choice of vehicle to its maintenance, guaranteeing a purchasing and post-purchase experience of the highest level.



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