FC Barcelona Proposes Top Salary Deal to Mario Hezonja: Will Real Madrid Match?

FC Barcelona Proposes Top Salary Deal to Mario Hezonja: Will Real Madrid Match?

15/06/2024 and las 15:01 CEST

AAlthough the club claims that there is no agreement with Mario Henzonja, FC Barcelona would have proposed a pre-agreement according to which he will become with one of the highest paid players on the squad… and in the Euroleague.

According to the Encestando website, the player would have signed an agreement valid as of July 1 with the following characteristics: four-year contract with an option for one more year that can be cut after payment of one million euros, It starts at 4.1 million gross commission included for agents and ends, once that optional fifth season is completed, at 4.7 million. This salary is complemented with an annual bonus to, rounding up, be at 2.5 million net.

The two highest paid

This salary is on par with Willy Hernangómez, who receives 4.5 million euros during the 24-25 and 25-26 seasons. Both would be two of the highest paid players in the European competition if Hezonja finally ends up keeping his signature on the Barça contract.

The contract, according to scoring, has been signed by a director of FC Barcelona, ​​but Hezonja’s recent statements have caused a torrent of complaints within the board to the point of trying to break this agreement that would have already been signed and that must be presented to the ACB League so that Madrid decides what it wants to do: Whether to match the financial offer that Barcelona has presented or let him go freely to the Barça entity.

Hezonja would not be comfortable with the role within the Real Madrid team nor with the renewal offer that was presented to him at the time, far below his expectations.

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