Fabian Hürzeler Bids Farewell: FC St. Pauli Seeks New Coach

Fabian Hürzeler Bids Farewell: FC St. Pauli Seeks New Coach

Four weeks after promotion and second division championship, Fabian Hürzeler is no longer the coach of FC St. Pauli. From the coach’s point of view, his departure to Brighton & Hove Albion is understandable and a huge opportunity, as he leaves a huge gap at the local club.

A man for St. Pauli? Christian Eichner is a candidate. IMAGO/Zink

The farewell words of those in charge were warm, although feelings for each other had cooled somewhat in recent days. The words are marked by understanding for Hürzeler, but also by a little disappointment at how quickly the 31-year-old emotionally bid farewell to his first head coaching position when the Premier League lured him.

“Fabian has done an excellent job both as assistant coach and as head coach,” says sporting director Andreas Bornemann. “We were always aware that he could be of interest to other clubs. We would have liked to continue down this path with him, but we respect his desire to take the opportunity to work in the Premier League.”

President Oke Göttlich sees the “interest of international clubs in our players and coaches as proof of the good work that Andreas has initiated in recent years.” He explains to Hürzeler: “I would like to thank Fabian for the wonderful years and hope that we stay in touch. Fabian is a loss for the club, but also confirmation of our path of gradually developing through transfer income.”

Farewell to the Kiez: Fabian Hürzeler is moving to England. IMAGO/MIS

The transfer fee of almost six million is historic for FC St. Pauli, but in a way it is also compensation for an exceptional coaching talent. What remains is a big gap and the knowledge that, despite their solid structures, Hamburg would not have reached where they are now at such a rapid pace without Hürzeler: in the Bundesliga.

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No immediate agreement with Eichner

In addition to the sporting challenge, there is now also the task of finding the right trainer. Karlsruhe’s Christian Eichner is one candidate, but not the only one. There was a meeting with the 41-year-old at the end of the week, but this Saturday at 11:59 p.m. his exit clause with the Baden team expires. As things stand, an agreement between him and St. Pauli is not imminent.

A sign that, despite the constructive meeting, it will be another candidate? Or rather one that St. Pauli will not let itself be carried away? Göttlich emphasises: “We now see a new opportunity to find solutions to tackle the Bundesliga challenge with clarity and full concentration.” At least the last part of the sentence is an indication – that the final clarity and concentration in the constellation with Hürzeler would no longer have been possible since the lure of the island.

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