‘Extraordinary team identity. The choices? They are suffered and made with responsibility’

‘Extraordinary team identity.  The choices?  They are suffered and made with responsibility’

Coach Pozzecco in the round after the victory against Georgia: “I realized today, for the umpteenth time, that what we had put in place in these two years in terms of gaming identity is something extraordinary. Something that has been recognized to us occasionally while today it was evident, despite the need to include 4 ‘new’ players who were not part of the last beautiful adventure in Manila. This could have affected the ease with which we played a little, in attack and defense, but I’m not worried and there is great confidence because my senators are extraordinary, starting with Melli who is unreal from a human and basketball point of view. We will make sure in this short time to find that alchemy that allowed us to experience great emotions, our team is based on the concept of mutual trust and collaboration from everyone is necessary. Our mantra? If we run it’s better, if we pass the ball to each other it’s better, if we don’t dribble it’s better, if we help each other in defense it’s better, if we laugh and feel good together it’s better, if the team stops a minute from the end to greet Begnis it’s not it’s better, it’s beautiful. This is the national team and we enjoy it. Gallinari? He presented himself as the person he is, exceptional and always linked to the national team, demonstrating it on every occasion. I suffered his injury because I know what it means and because I didn’t want an alibi for any defeats, I wanted to give confidence to those who remained with us despite his very heavy absence. Today there are 5 players from the World Cup who are not with us, I won’t talk about it. There are many coaches, even better than me, who take advantage of these things to feel sorry for themselves. In my opinion it’s wrong because it’s a lack of respect towards those who are there, the only thing that makes me suffer is that I had to leave another player at home, Davide Casarin who is a great talent and would have deserved to stay with we. I was slaughtered on choices, even by my mother. I agree that not everyone can have my idea, but no one can afford to say that the choices I make are not suffered and taken with a great sense of responsibility”.

2024-06-23 21:07:35
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