Exciting Curling Tournament in Shanghai Draws 128 Participants

Yesterday (June 23), the “Waigang Cup” Dryland Curling Invitational Tournament, the municipal selection for the 2024 Shanghai 4th Citizens Games, Shanghai Workers Dryland Curling Selection, was held at the Jiading District Citizen Fitness Center. 26 curling teams and 128 people from various districts of Shanghai gathered at the venue to enjoy the fun of curling.

It is reported that this year’s “Waigang Cup” dryland curling invitational tournament has added two new categories: family parent-child group and individual group. Unlike the mixed team competition which requires higher professional skills, the family parent-child group competition is more interesting and entertaining. Parents and children discuss the competition skills together, and each serves as the “captain” to direct the other party to throw the stone, working together to win the game and share parent-child time. The individual group competition is also very challenging. Driven by the staff, the contestants release their passion in the competition and feel a different kind of curling fun.

“The teams participating this year are all very strong. Fortunately, the Yingfei curling training camp has been continuously carried out, and the old players have trained a group of ‘fresh blood’.” Xu Liqin, chairman of the labor union of Yingfei Tongren Fan Co., Ltd., introduced, “Not long ago, the Waigang Town Cultural and Sports Center also cooperated with the Federation of Trade Unions and the Women’s Federation to distribute competition activities to the company, and our employees are very enthusiastic about participating.”

Liu Xiaoguang, an employee of Shanghai Beitong Color Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to participate in the parent-child competition and brought his children with him. Liu Xiaoguang said that he loves sports and his company employees often exercise together. They also set up a badminton team to conduct regular badminton training. In the badminton competition of the Second Citizens Games of Waigang Town this year, they won the first and second places in women’s singles and the second and third places in men’s singles.

“Unfortunately, my skills are not very good and I am only at the beginner level now. Recently, the Cultural and Sports Center of Waigang Town has added pickleball rackets and equipment to the team. The team members are also practicing hard, hoping to form a team to participate in competitions in the future.” Liu Xiaoguang said.

In recent years, Waigang Town has accelerated the pace of economic development and continuously improved the level of public sports services for enterprises. By adding employee fitness stations and citizen fitness stations, it meets the daily exercise needs of employees, provides “Gang Hao Yi Qi Xing” event services according to the actual situation and needs of enterprises, and provides “1V1” scientific fitness guidance for employees. It further strengthens key support and cultivates high-end enterprise sports talents.

Strengthening the policy of sports service for enterprises and providing high-quality and personalized sports services for enterprises is a concrete manifestation of Waigang Town’s continuous implementation of the development concept of Green Waigang. In the future, Waigang Town will continue to expand the scope of services for enterprises, form new advantages in optimizing the business environment, promote the construction of a modern new town in Waigang, and contribute to the sports construction of the “Quanjia Enterprise Movement” park.

Correspondent: Su Tianjiao

Original title: “128 people gathered at the venue to enjoy the fun of curling”

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