European elections 2024: Crisp, condescending, vindictive…: The 1×1 of the candidates

European elections 2024: Crisp, condescending, vindictive…: The 1×1 of the candidates

BarcelonaThis is the 1×1 of the TV3 electoral debate between the candidates for the European elections on 9-J.


The PSC candidate became Pedro Sánchez’s accidental champion in the face of right-wing attacks on the Spanish president for his latest letter, in which he accuses the judge in the Begoña Gómez case of wanting to condition 9-J. Little friend of controversies, López withstood the downpour and avoided getting into hand-to-hand combat with any of the candidates, whom he demanded focus on European and not internal issues. The socialist tried to bring the debate to his ground, warning of the danger of the right winning at the polls on Sunday, but he did not get the complicity of the other candidates.


Faithful to the argument of the PP, the party for which she signed after being MEP of Cs, Poptcheva focused her attacks on the PSOE and the amnesty and declared herself “stunned” by Sánchez’s letter. Number 23 on the PP list demonstrated a good control of the open files in the EU, but was condescending to the other parties and, taking for granted that they will be the most numerous group in the Eurochamber, already claimed the Agriculture Commission for the PP. A resident of Vilafranca del Penedès, she did not say a single word in Catalan during the entire debate.


Junts’ candidate replaced number 1 on the list, Toni Comín, still in exile awaiting amnesty. Sarri swept home: in all the blogs of the debate he did well to talk about Catalonia and its national aspirations in a European Union where, as he defended, it is necessary to fight for national minorities to be respected everywhere Of the world. He did not dwell on the conflict between Israel and Palestine and, instead, praised the courage of Ukrainians who are on the front “fighting for the freedom of their country”. He also claimed the 1-O.


He began his speech with a message of solidarity towards Junts’ candidate, Toni Comín. However, Riba sought hand-to-hand with Junts at several times: he reproached them, for example, for having voted in favor of free trade treaties and for having paid “in advance” with the official Catalan language. The language, precisely, was one of the flags that the republican candidate waved, which she used to urge the socialists and Sumar to press to make her official. Riba also questioned Asens, whom he criticized for diluting the veto at the Hard Rock.


Asens promised to leave his “skin” in two folders: to get Catalan official and to bring the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, before the International Criminal Court. The candidate of the commons and of Sumar jumped in front of the attacks of Vox and Cs and tried to touch the crouton to the PSC for being, in his opinion, too weak against the “genocide” in Palestine. He did not waste the opportunity to attack the “asphalt coalition” of Junts and the PSC and, questioned by ERC, insisted that the commons have not (for now) lifted the veto on the Hard Rock casino.


She was the only non-Catalan-speaking candidate and, just to start, she apologized for holding the debate in Spanish. Montero was particularly forceful against the Socialists for not breaking diplomatic relations with Israel after Spain recognized the Palestinian state. It made a banner of being the only party that defends breaking the “war consensus” and stopping sending weapons to Ukraine, for example. Montero avoided sending any reproaches against the pro-independence candidates and he also did not join hands with Jaume Asens, with whom his party broke the coalition a few months ago.


The debate started badly, stalling with the question he had to ask Javi López about immigration, which he did not quite understand. Girauta was quite absent during the debate, except for the issue of the war between Israel and Palestine, when he raised his tone and voice when addressing Jaume Asens and Irene Montero to criticize them for speaking of genocide in Palestine and used the slogan “from the river to the sea”. He also railed against independence, especially against Aleix Sarri, whom he called “supremacist”.


He threw darts at all the candidates, especially the pro-independence ones and Jaume Asens, but also at the moderator, Xavi Coral, who he criticized for time management – ​​just like Girauta. The amnesty was one of the issues that Cañas criticized the most, in a burlesque tone – in Asens he accused him of helping the exiles to leave in the trunk of a car – but also the alleged links between the ‘independence and Russia. On the war in Ukraine, he directed his main attacks towards Montero, whom he accused of having a “Disney mindset”.

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