Euro 2024: Whenever possible, Kylian Mbappé takes off his mask

Euro 2024: Whenever possible, Kylian Mbappé takes off his mask

Football European Championship 2024

Whenever possible, Mbappé takes off his mask

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Mask on, mask off – the interplay of Kylian Mbappé


France is fighting for first place in the final group match against Poland. With superstar Kylian Mbappé, who broke his nose against Austria. The striker is playing with a mask that is obviously hindering him.

It’s hot in Dortmund. 28 degrees, bright sunshine, perfect summer weather. Even in the Dortmund EM Arena. In the final group match, the players from France and Poland (click here for the live ticker) are really sweating. Referee Marco Guida stopped the match after 29 minutes and sent the players for their first drink break.

Kylian Mbappé also went to the sidelines to get some strength. The superstar mainly used the break to take off his mask and wipe the sweat from his face. The French captain had broken his nose in the opening match against Austria (1-0) and missed the second match against the Netherlands.

He played against Poland with a carbon mask to protect his injured nose. The 25-year-old appears to be affected by the injury. In the first half, he avoided going into the penalty area during set pieces. The risk of injuring himself again in a header duel seems too great.

“Mbappé will continue to get used to the mask”

On the ground, he repeatedly demonstrated his class in the first half when he attempted to dribble and sprint, but Mbappé was repeatedly thwarted by the strong Polish goalkeeper Lukasz Skorupski. Whenever the game was interrupted, Mbappé lifted his mask. When Guida blew the whistle for half-time, he ripped it off his face on the way to the dressing room.

After the break, he scored his first goal of the European Championships when he converted a penalty. As he celebrated the goal, he immediately ripped the mask off his face.

“He will continue to get used to the mask, which changes his field of vision a little,” said France coach Didier Deschamps before the game. It seems as if Mbappé still needs some time. The French have already qualified for the round of 16 of the European Championship after their win against Austria and the draw. In the long-distance duel with the Netherlands, who will play against Austria in Berlin (click here for the live ticker), Didier Deschamps’ team will fight for group victory.


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