Euro 2024 | The Spanish team will not enter politics like Mbappé

Euro 2024 |  The Spanish team will not enter politics like Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé offered a speech that has gone around the world asking young people to vote in the next elections in France. A very well-articulated demand to stop the ultra-right. A brave speech, but on a subject that is usually taboo for footballers, such as politics.

Something similar would hardly happen in the Spanish team. This is clear from the words of Unai Simón, one of the most important footballers on the team, who wanted to separate the figure of the footballer from the public figure.

Unai stated that “Kylian is a player who has a lot of impact on the world and society“. On a general level, the Frenchman considers that “we players have a lot of impact and there is a lot of tendency to give opinions on many topics when I don’t know if we should do so“.

The Athletic footballer stressed that “Here I am a ball professional and the only thing I would dedicate myself to is talking about sports topicslet other people or entities speak about these issues.”

Piqué was the last to speak

The political conflict entered the selection in 2017 following the referendum held in Catalonia. The next day, Piqué joined the national team and his criticism of the police action raised a lot of dust within the team.

Footballers like Sergio Ramos and Pepe Reina disagreed with Piqué and, with the Catalan’s withdrawal, the locker room has been shielded from non-sporting issues.

The players want to focus on football and, As Unai Simón said, leave issues on which they are not experts in the hands of politicians.

About your profession or aspects surrounding your work, The internationals never have problems responding in the press conferences where the Spanish Federation It gives absolute freedom and grants question times to all journalists who request it, even if this means that the appearances take a long time.

For example, Unai Simón’s this Monday has lasted for about 40 minutes without the doorman pouting or complaining about the long waiting time.

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