Estra Siena Prepares to Face Boars Grosseto: Intergroup Challenge Today at 3pm!

Estra Siena Prepares to Face Boars Grosseto: Intergroup Challenge Today at 3pm!

Estra Siena’s intergroup continues, ready to challenge, today at 3pm at home, the Boars Grosseto, second team in group K. The ‘Maremma boars’, in the last four matches, after the defeat in Lucca (the second, after the one against the undefeated Livorno), they racked up a poker of victories, including the derby with Phoenix. Exactly like the Juventus team, which in the last four matches defeated Monteriggioni, Cosmos, Nuove Pantere Lucca and Massa. Boars and Estra have already faced each other twice in the pre-season, with a victory (10-6) in their first outing in the Maremma area and a 9-5 defeat in the Città di Grosseto Tournament, when the Sienese roster was missing some players , above all the shortstop Miguel Bonilla (photo on the right). The Boars is a very young team, but made up of prospects, all born between 2004 and 2008, from BSC Grosseto, playing in Serie A. A team not to be underestimated. It should be underlined that the last few games have highlighted the growth of Juventus player Alejandro Fernandez Matos, protagonist on the mound and in the batter’s box. In the event of a victory, Estra would have the opportunity to extend their rankings (at the moment they are two victories ahead of Padule Sestese and +3 over Franchigia Firenze): the Florentine team will be engaged in Lucca against the Nuove Pantere, the second of the class will knock on Phoenix’s door. Meanwhile, some great news has arrived from the infirmary: the Juventus captain Dario Osti (photo on the left), after the cruciate ligament operation in mid-April, has slowly resumed working on the pitch with his teammates, especially on the fundamentals of the shot. In mid-July the young pitcher will undergo a new check-up in Rome, to decide when he will be able to return to competitive activity. The hope is that he recovers for the playoffs in September. At 10.30, however, the Estra Under 12s will be busy in Florence South against Fiorentin.

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