England vs. Serbia: Fan brawl in Gelsenkirchen before European Championship match

England vs. Serbia: Fan brawl in Gelsenkirchen before European Championship match

Before the match at the 2024 European Championships: Heavy fan brawl in downtown Gelsenkirchen

Police officers at the scene: England fans are said to have attacked a group of Serbian supporters in the Hirt Steakhouse

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Before their first match at the 2024 European Championship, England fans allegedly attacked a bar filled with Serbia supporters. The images of the ensuing brawl quickly went viral on social media.

In the city center of There were intense fights in Gelsenkirchen on Sunday before the European Championship match between England and Serbia. There were clashes between two large groups of people and a police operation was underway, said a spokesman for the Gelsenkirchen police.

On site, the stern It is true that a group of English football fans allegedly attacked a restaurant – the Steakhouse Hirt – which was decorated with a Serbian flag. A short time later, however, police forces were already on site and the situation calmed down. A few people were arrested by the officers. However, most of those arrested have now apparently been released.

High police presence at England vs Serbia match

“We are still in the clarification phase,” added the police spokesman. The incident also made the rounds on various posts on the X platform.

England’s national coach Gareth Southgate is, however, calm about the European Championship opener against Serbia, which is considered a high-risk match. “I expect everyone to enjoy football. It is a great privilege to be part of these tournaments. They are great football festivals. I am sure that everyone has come here to do just that. The whole of Europe can come together and celebrate,” said Southgate on Saturday. Serbia coach Dragan Stojkovic sees it similarly. “I see no risk,” he said.

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The police in Gelsenkirchen are planning to have significantly more officers at the match on Sunday evening (9 p.m./ZDF and Magenta TV) than at the derby between FC Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund. Only beer with a reduced alcohol content will be served in the stadium itself and, according to the police, there is a ban on taking beer into the seats inside the stadium for this match.

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