De la Fuente: “We want to leave a good taste in our mouths before playing against Croatia”

De la Fuente: “We want to leave a good taste in our mouths before playing against Croatia”

Luis de la Fuente He wants tomorrow in Son Moix before North Ireland look at one Spain very similar to the one that will debut against Croatia in the Euro Cup next Saturday in Berlin. The national coach, who has thanked the work of Cubarsí, Aleix and Llorente, the three players excluded from the final list, has assured that the squad is “compensated” and that it will be “competitive.” “Tomorrow we want to see something close to what will happen in a week. We will wait until tonight and decide. We are going to put out a strong and competitive team, We want to leave a good taste in our mouths before playing against Croatia.“, he stated at a press conference.

“Everyone could be there. My feeling is that I have been unfair, but I am very fair with those who are there. “They all have different characteristics, but you have to leave three and make decisions,” he added about the difficulty of deciding who was left out.

De la Fuente has made it clear that he had already decided on the final list for days: “I am fortunate to form a very united and cohesive group.. We are Family. It’s not easy, because they are beloved players and they could have been with us perfectly. They have understood it well, they have wished us the best. Unfortunately, three had to be left out. They are great professionals. I already had a pre-established idea, always open in case something happened. “It was simply endorsing what we had thought.”

Regarding Pau Cubarsí, he has not clarified whether his exclusion from the final list has to do with a more than probable call for the Olympic Games. “I do not know what is going to happen. The priority is absolute. I have made the decision for that. What comes next will be Santi Denia’s responsibility,” he concluded.

The coach has recognized that Llorente offered him versatility, but that he has other players who also cover several positions. “Marcos is a great footballer, that’s why he was on that pre-list. He is very versatile, versatile and gave us a lot of play. We have all positions covered with footballers of different profiles. We have made a very balanced list“, he pointed out.

One of the great novelties is the presence of Ayoze. De la Fuente was full of praise when talking about the Tenerife attacker. “He is a great footballer. He is there because he has earned it. He is performing at a very high level in training. I had not had the fortune of working with him and now that I have met him I am happy. He brings talent, goals, he can play in the bands, midfielder… He comes with great desire. It’s his time and he knows it“, he commented.

“Against Andorra we saw the continuity of the work he has done at his club. He showed the talent he has. It did not surprise me. He has done it every day. He has had a fantastic year and is in the best moment of his career in terms of football performance and maturity,” he added.

Likewise, he has once again praised the qualities of Fermin, another of the big surprises in this call for the Euro Cup. “It’s pure energy. There is no need to make comparisons, but there are things that remind me of Gavi. He has work capacity, technique, approach and an energy that is contagious. I loved him, he is in a period of growth and I am sure that we are going to see many good things in a short period of time,” he analyzed.

De la Fuente expects Son Moix to present a good appearance despite the fact that they are close to seven thousand entries for sale: “It is time to ask for the support of the fans. We want them to enjoy us. They encourage us, we like to see the stadiums full. I am sure that in this last push people will go to the stadium. If it’s not full I expect an important entry. Hopefully tomorrow we will say that we have seen a great show and supported by the fans.”

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