De la Fuente: “I don’t see a ceiling or limit to this selection”

De la Fuente: “I don’t see a ceiling or limit to this selection”

José Carlos Carabias

Special envoy to Genselkirchen

Friday, June 21, 2024, 00:18 | Updated 00:24h.


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A cascade of praise also reaches Luis de la Fuente when he appears in the press room, where he recounts the content of the chronicles that praise his team. “For me they are the best in the world, then and now.”

«I am proud and delighted, not only for the result, and for beating the European champion, also for the way in which it was won. Now the rivals are beginning to know you, and I cannot ignore my feeling, there was no better team than us,” said the coach.

“In addition to physicality, it has also been a matter of technique and tactics, in all sections we have been superior,” De la Fuente explained. We must highlight that we have minimized Italy for the virtues of Spain. “It invites me to think that we can continue improving.”

Luis de la Fuente considered the duel against Italy “the best game of the 17” that he has coached, “due to the setting, the impact, the most complete.” “I never tire of defending the national product, Spanish football, we are the best at interpreting the game,” he added.

The man from Haro is not afraid that the flood of praise will go to his head: “I know the strength of this team, I know these players well, I know what they are like, and I know how they are going to behave, it is an important result that opens up perspectives.” great, but football always hits you and pulls you. “We will not lose our minds with flattery or even worse things.”

De la Fuente spoke highly of Cucurella, Nacho’s discomfort, Laporte’s good game and the refreshment that the next match against Albania will bring, where the substitutes will play.

The coach’s best phrase was the last one. «I see no ceiling or limit to this team, they never tire of improving, they believe in what we do and say, we help them to be better and win. “They are not going to stop until the dream that they and everyone wants,” he concluded.

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