DB Schenker and Avolta close the first agreement in Spain for the use of marine biofuels |

DB Schenker and Avolta close the first agreement in Spain for the use of marine biofuels |

DB Schenker, a logistics services company, has signed an agreement with Avolta, a travel experience company, to use marine biofuel in the transport of goods between Europe and the United States. The agreement is the first contract of this type for DB Schenker in the Spanish market and places Avolta among the main pioneering companies in low-emission maritime transport.

From now on, all containers that Avolta moves with DB Schenker on this route will be transported with low emissions through the application of waste-based marine biofuels and additional units of marine biofuel, in order to achieve additional compensation for the upstream emissions of the biofuel. This biofuel switch could avoid more than 150 tonnes of Well-to-Wake CO2e emissions per year, based on Avolta’s container volume in 2023 on this route.

This agreement, and others that are expected to be closed in the coming months, is possible thanks to the commitment of the DB Schenker Group to the purchase of marine biofuel, which it makes available to its clients around the world who wish to use it in their maritime transport.

The fuel used is known as methyl ester (UCOME) and is based on renewable and sustainable sources, mainly used cooking oil. The application will be guided by the Book & Claim system, a set of principles that have been developed through a global multi-stakeholder process and third-party validation to ensure that the use of this chain of custody model has traceability and credibility. full, as well as a demonstrable climate impact. With the use of this non-fossil fuel, DB Schenker advances together with its clients in their commitment to sustainable, low-emission transportation.

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