Damian Lillard Working Hard to Bounce Back in Second Season with Milwaukee Bucks

Damian Lillard Working Hard to Bounce Back in Second Season with Milwaukee Bucks

Damian Lillard’s first season in Milwaukee has been far from outstanding. The point guard had good performances and had good moments, but he rarely reached the levels of play he had reached in Portland and never seemed like the piece the Bucks needed to win a ring again, something Bill Simmons asked about to Doc Rivers on his podcast. And in this sense, the coach assured that the point guard had admitted that he had not arrived at the team in his best form, something that had been dragging on throughout the year.

«I hadn’t even realized that they had transferred it two or three days before the training camp» he assured. “And one day we were having dinner and he told me that he hadn’t trained all summer, that it was the first time she had done it but that he was afraid of getting injured.”

«He knew he was going to be traded, so he did some exercise, he did some shooting on his own, but he didn’t train intensely. He was pretty honest about it, and it’s one of the reasons you love him. He told me that it was the worst shape he had ever been in.

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However, it seems that things will be different this summer. Rivers assured that Lillard is training twice a day and losing some weight, doing everything possible to reach the second year at 100%.

«When you start the season badly, you never really get in shape. You never catch up, and he’s had a feeling that’s what happened. But now he is very proud of the good shape he is in, which is great.

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