Customize Your Team’s Jersey with ROAFT: A Step-by-Step Guide

Customize Your Team’s Jersey with ROAFT: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow the steps below to have the jersey you have reviewed designed specifically for your team.

How Can I Order? 1. Create Your Order
– Choose your model
– Determine product features
– Add to cart and buy

2. Order Form, Prints and Details
To send prints such as name, number, size information, team crest and sponsor advertisement, follow the steps in the order form.
Click for Online Order Form.

3. Order Confirmation
We will prepare your order form and design and send it to your e-mail address or WhatsApp number in the system. Once you check and approve, production begins.



ROAFT has 2 different fabric technologies and each fabric has its own specialties. Choose the model you feel closest to and determine its features.

Micro Ploy ve Micro Petek
– The best feature of Micro Poly and Honeycomb fabrics; Recommended not to shrink after washing.
– Dyes used in fabric production are certified and safe; It does not harm human health.
– Fabric texture is soft and flexible.
– Our Micro-poly and Micro-honeycomb fabrics are first-class professional jersey fabrics.

We use the “Sublimation” technique in printing. This; It is a type of air-permeable printing. When you touch it, you get a soft feeling, not plastic, because it is completely integrated with the fabric. It includes the advantages of new generation digital printing. The dyes used are completely organic, certified and healthy. We don’t claim that our prints will fade forever, but you can be sure that they will last much longer than most printed jerseys.

Differences Between Micro Poly, Micro Rain and Micro Honeycomb
– Micro-Poly: Düz Desen / 135-140 gr/m2
– Micro-Rain: Rain Pattern / 135-140 gr/m2
– Micro-Petek: Petek Desen / 155-160 gr/m2

Benefits of Roaft Forma
– Cool-Fit technology helps you maintain your body temperature, stay dry and comfortable.
– Flexible fabric panels and a cut compatible with body lines provide mobility.

Our Collar Types

We have Crew Neck, V-Neck and Judge Collar Types, you can contact us for other collar models.

Arm lenght
You can order the sleeve length of your jersey, preferably short-sleeved or long-sleeved.

Shorts Model
– Standard Shorts: Unlined
– Premium Shorts: Lined

Half Prof. Difference Between and Full Prof Socks (Leggings)
– Semi-Professional Socks: 70-75 gr/m2 and smooth textured.
– Full Professional Socks: 90-95 gr/m2 and has a net on the back.

Jersey and Shorts Printing
– Premium: Full digital printed.
– Special: Shorts white (digital printed) or black (flex printed)

Color Difference Between Jerseys, Shorts and Socks
We produce jerseys and shorts in our own company with digital printing using our own fabrics. Since socks are a woven group, they do not have the same color tone as the fabrics we produce. Our socks consist of main color groups.
Primary colors; black, white, red, green, orange, turquoise, dark blue, blue, yellow.

Color Combination

Our graphic designers will design a ready-made color combination for you. If you wish, you can immediately choose the colors of the design you like and send only the prints, or you can say ‘I want to determine the colors.’ After purchasing the product, tell our graphic designers the colors you want and they will design them for you.

Click to View the Color Chart.

Goalkeeper Jersey

Long-sleeved jerseys have sponge support on the right and left elbows. The shorts also have sponge support on the right and left sides. It can be purchased individually along with player jerseys. Only goalkeeper jersey orders are being cancelled.

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