Cultural change: the Copa América empowers streaming channels

Cultural change: the Copa América empowers streaming channels

Football, and especially the Argentine national team, reveals like no other activity the changes in cultural consumption in recent years. The Copa América that is about to begin will serve, among many other issues, to standardize that: the world and continental champion is playing in the United States and digital content is multiplying on YouTube, Twitch and TikTok channels. Even many relatively small productions move to that country as part of a communication and business strategy, while large corporations will watch the Cup from here.

Unlike what happened even in the first America Cups of the century, traditional media remained on the margins of mass media and was reduced to what television could do to try to retain an audience with new demands in terms of information and entertainment.

Television remains valid, obviously, because it still has the rights to broadcast the matches. In fact, the novelty of this Copa América is that Telefe will once again broadcast exclusively to the National Team, after many years in which only Public Television had that condition. The atmosphere of the time is also glimpsed in that transfer.

Authoritarians don’t like this

The practice of professional and critical journalism is a fundamental pillar of democracy. That is why it bothers those who believe they are the owners of the truth.

In a context in which the Argentine State is withdrawing, shrinking and degrading by decision of the government of Javier Milei, Public TV did not renew the transmission rights and everything remained in private hands: to Telefe, which consolidates the strategy of the American Paramount to add tournaments to its programming, is joined by the TyC Sports channel – owned half by Torneos and half by Grupo Clarín – and the Dsports signal, from DirecTV. However, as Telefe does not guarantee reach throughout the national territory, Public TV will broadcast in those places where the market does not reach. A fact that will not be relevant in the main cities and provinces of the country, but is significant for small cities, towns and places. La Scaloneta also comes from there.

New era. While Telefe dresses in blue and white but fails – and does not want – to extend its real reach in Argentine territory, while TyC Sports aspires to raise its rating without hiding its internal crisis and even without wanting to pay what Rodolfo De Paoli asked for, the iconic narrator of the National Team in the Qatar World Cup, the streaming channels reveal that the communication and entertainment industry is heading there. Better said: it’s already there.

If in the past we expected the cover of a magazine, the analysis of a journalist in a newspaper or an editorial on radio or TV, now a good part of the public goes in search of what communicators or people who live and stand out say or analyze on YouTube channels linked to sports, such as AZZ, by Flavio Azzaro (511 thousand subscribers), or La Canchita TV (138 thousand). However, what demonstrates the magnitude of the change – and of the current commitment and business – is that channels such as Luzu TV (one million four hundred thousand subscribers) or Olga (831 thousand) will also travel to the United States to join the effervescence by the

Scaloneta, a team that is valued and generates a lot of interest due to its recent achievements in Qatar and Brazil.

Azzaro says that he will bring four people to the coverage in the United States (“we bring more people than ESPN,” he laughs) and announced, in advance of the Copa América, the new programming of his channel (which has as its emblem El loco and el sane), to which he adds the journalist Alejandro Fabbri.

For his part, the owner of Luzu TV, Nicolás Occhiato, announced on the program Nobody says anything that this channel will travel to the United States, as it had done in 2022 on the tour prior to the Qatar World Cup. Then and now, Luzu partnered with DirecTV to finance his trip and stay. The satellite television company does not want to give details of the agreement, although different sources told PERFIL that it is not of economic magnitude: studies in Miami and technical assistance. The program It would be incredible, hosted by Nati Jota on Olga TV, also announced that she will travel. They know that the Scaloneta will function as a magnetic field. And that the new generations will want to see and hear something about it.

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