Csoboth makes Hungary dream of the round of 16

Csoboth makes Hungary dream of the round of 16

Hungary has a good chance of being in the round of 16 of the Euro Cup after winning its match against Scotland in the last play of the match. After a simple duel, both teams got serious about a discount that could have gone either way. In the end, luck smiled on the Hungarians and Csoboth, the hero. The Scots are left out.

The first half, and the match in general, of course, will not remain in the annals of Euro Cup history. Scotland led the way at the start and Hungary took over at the half-hour markbut the truth is that neither of the two teams was able to create a single chance.

A header from Orban after a free kick by Szoboszlai was the entire offensive balance, although the play also seemed to be canceled due to offside.. Nothing else. Both teams had a hard-fought first half, not giving up a single inch of ground and a lot of fear of losing.

After the restart, the duel seemed to pick up some pace, with two shots from Adams and Sallai. And it seemed because both teams wanted to go for more, but the lack of ideas in the three-quarter zone and the enormous scare with Varga made it impossible for the game to get into, at least, fourth gear. The MHPArena in Stuttgart froze when they saw the Hungarian striker collapse after a very tough clash with Gunn.

A crazy discount

After the suspense and with the changes, the cure arrived. Hungary and Scotland went into an open grave for the victory. There was still time. Wow there was. In a flash, Hungarians and Scots collected opportunities, especially at an eternal discount. Szoboszlai and Csoboth, with a shot off the post, took the lead in Hungary.

McTominay also had it for Scotland. However, the glory was reserved for Csoboth. He appeared in the game to revolutionize it and he did so. In a few crazy minutes, the Hungarian took advantage of a back pass from Sallai to unleash the madness. Hungary has a good chance of being in the round of 16 via third place. Scotland, out.

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