Cruzeiro dominates Atlético-MG in Brazilian Under-20 Championship with 4-0 victory

Cruzeiro dominates Atlético-MG in Brazilian Under-20 Championship with 4-0 victory

Cruzeiro and Atlético-MG played a great classic at Sesc Venda Nova, in Belo Horizonte, this Tuesday afternoon (25). Raposa emerged victorious from the match, valid for the Brazilian Under-20 Championship, with a 4-0 victory over their rival. The goals were scored by Ruan Índio, Gui Meira, Tevis and Jhosefer.

In the initial stage, the Crias da Toca imposed their game and created good scoring chances. In the 16th minute, with a ball in the area crossed by Kaique Kenji, number nine Ruan Índio went up to the sixteenth floor to score a beautiful header and open the scoring. Raposa continued looking for a goal to extend the result, but stopped at the post on two occasions. The opponent did not go beyond the steady hands of goalkeeper Otávio.

The second half started off busy, with both teams looking to take the lead. But it was Cruzeiro who scored. In the 33rd minute of the final stage, Gui Meira scored a great goal. The midfielder received the pass from Kaique Kenji, turned his body and hit it firmly, the ball licked the post before dying at the bottom of the string, with no chance for the opposing goalkeeper.

In the final stretch, in a very well-worked move, Kaique Kenji advanced from the left and crossed into the area. Tevis pushed the ball towards the goal, completely taking the goalkeeper out of the game. The fourth goal came from the feet of midfielder Jhosefer, closing the score.

With the result, Cruzeiro took third place in the table. Raposa’s next opponent for the Brazilian Championship will be Athletico-PR, at home. The clash is scheduled for next week, on Wednesday (03), at 4pm, at Sesc Venda Nova, in Belo Horizonte.

ASSISTANTS: Pablo Almeida da Costa (MG) and Rodney Faria Lima (MG)

FOURTH REFEREE: José Alfredo Filho (MG)

CRUZEIRO: 16′ 1T – Ruan Índio; 33′ 2T – Gui Meira; 44′ 2T – Tevis; 50′ 2T – Jhosefer

LINEUP: Otávio, Dorival (Nicolas), Pedrão, Henrique Silva (Janderson), Jhosefer, Kauã Prates, Kaique Kenji (Jonas), Xavier, Ruan Índio (Rhuan Gabriel/Murilo Rhikman), Gui Meira (Baptistela), Tevis.

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