Construction Underway for the Bad Homburg Open: Grandstands Added to Match Courts

Construction Underway for the Bad Homburg Open: Grandstands Added to Match Courts
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    The stands for the “Bad Homburg Open” are currently being built on the tennis club’s grounds in the spa gardens. Hundreds of visitors will be sitting on the stands to the right and left of the grass court at the end of June. © Hillebrecht

    Construction of the “Bad Homburg Open” is underway – this time grandstands also at match courts

    Bad Homburg – Victory cheers from men’s throats can be heard these days in the spa gardens. Aren’t the “Bad Homburg Open” for female tennis players? If you get closer to the red and white streamers, you can see that the game is being played here. But not officially: The team that is currently setting up the stands at the Bad Homburg Tennis Club (TC) is taking a break from sport.

    The work is not easy either: Meter-long poles are put together in such a way that the three grandstands, as high as a house, are created on the center court – the grass court on the TC complex where the most important games of the tournament will take place from June 22 to 29. There will be room for 3,500 people. Stacks of metal pallets are brought in by construction vehicles and have to be distributed along the park paths.

    The material is delivered via Kisseleffstrasse, where trucks are parked from time to time and which has therefore been closed for several days – as have the paths in the spa park directly next to the TC facility. Security personnel in yellow vests are everywhere and are redirecting passers-by. Small signs have been put up around the mini golf course to direct lost walkers to Kisseleffstrasse.

    White pagodas have already been set up on Brunnenallee – this is where the “Village” is being built – a freely accessible area for which no ticket is required during the tournament. Food, drinks and tennis memorabilia will be available for purchase there.

    A small container village has been set up on the TC parking lot next to the “Kur Royal Aktiv” from which the tournament is being organized. The film contributions that will be broadcast on television to all parts of the world are also being produced there. And from next week a press center for journalists will be set up in the Kaiser-Wilhelms-Bad. Medical treatment rooms for the players will be set up in the clubhouse.

    The games will be played on the centre court and the match courts 1 and 2 – the latter are located behind the Kaiser Wilhelms Baths on Weinbergsweg and are freely accessible to spectators. The qualifying matches will be played there, among other things. For the first time, in addition to the standing room, two smaller stands will be set up there for a total of 320 people.

    Lawn must not get too wet now

    On the opening day (Saturday, June 22), no tickets are generally required because there are no official matches taking place on the center court yet. However, it is quite possible that you will see a former US Open champion like Bianca Andreescu on the match courts during a qualifying match. The former number four in the world was in the final in Bad Homburg in 2022 and will now start here with a wildcard in the qualification.

    Next week the technology will be installed on the courts and the boards will be put up. The court boards and other equipment such as the referee’s chair, players’ benches and towel racks will be set up.

    The grass on the three courts is a lush green. The cooler, rainy weather has done it good; however, it must not get too wet until the tournament – so from next week onwards it will be covered when it rains. It is cared for daily and gradually mown to the right length so that it will be playable for the qualification. The white lines have already been drawn.

    The number of staff is enormous, both now during construction and during the tournament. The production team of the organizer “Perfect Match” is in charge of the construction and coordinates all service providers on the construction site. These include a production manager, a technical manager and technical specialist planner, a “Head of Logistics” and a person responsible for occupational safety. There are also architects, event managers and many other specialists who oversee the construction.

    This year, around 70 ball boys and linesmen will be on duty at the tournament itself, as well as 20 “Perfect Match” and five production staff, eight photographers and videographers, and around 30 media representatives. They will be based in a total of four double containers of 30 square meters each, six single containers, two accreditation containers, a ball boy and linesmen tent, and another tent. There are also two TV trucks and two toilet containers.

    Several players will once again be staying at the Steigenberger – the first-class hotel is the official accommodation for the “Bad Homburg Open”. Spectators should come on foot – the city is once again setting up a free bus shuttle that runs between the spa gardens and the train station.

    Further information about the tournament can be found at

    Children’s press conference with German-speaking player

    Children have lots of questions – and many are particularly interested in the important tennis tournament in Bad Homburg. So that they can address these questions directly to an expert, the organizing team of the “Bad Homburg Open” is once again organizing a children’s press conference (PK).

    It will take place on “Kids Day” (Monday, June 24) from 2:30 p.m. in front of the bandstand in the “Baloise Park Village” on Brunnenallee.

    Tickets are not necessary as the Village is freely accessible throughout the tournament.

    All children between the ages of 5 and 16 can take part. However, so that the tennis player can prepare, the questions must be submitted in advance – by email to [email protected] by Thursday (June 20th).

    The organizers ask that only those children who plan to actually attend the press conference on June 24 take part in this campaign. FFH sports reporter Sonja Pahl, who will moderate the event, will call out some of the young authors of the submitted questions by name.

    The press conference will be in German

    – with a German-speaking player, whose name has not yet been revealed.

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