Colombia National Team: Updates on Jhon Lucumí and Yerry Mina’s Performance in Copa América 2024

Colombia National Team: Updates on Jhon Lucumí and Yerry Mina’s Performance in Copa América 2024

Colombia selection

Néstor Lorenzo explained the defender’s state of health and why he admitted Yerry Mina.

Jhon Lucumí in Colombia National Team 2024
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June 24, 2024, 10:12 p.m. m.

The Colombian National Team managed to beat Paraguay 2-1 in the debut of Copa América 2024 and although the team led by Néstor Lorenzo found itself in a close game, the imbalance of James Rodríguez to assist Daniel Muñoz and Jefferson Lerma was decisive in adding three points that leaves them leaders of group D.

Beyond the good performance of the team in general, there was a concern for the team and it was the injury of Jhon Lucumí, who could not continue after pain in the knee of his right leg.


Colombia selection

After the pain that Lucumí expressed when leaving for Yerry Mina, the defender’s state of health was the topic most asked about by Néstor Lorenzo, who gave a first medical report at a press conference, although he gave good signs by announcing that it does not seem serious.

“What happened with Lucumí seems not to be serious, but we will see the evolution in the coming days,” said Lorenzo.

Opportunity for Yerry Mina

Likewise, the coach gave his opinion on the incorporation of Yerry Mina, who for the first time teamed up with Davinson Sánchez in this current process and highlighted that he had an optimal game.

“There was a little bit of everything, but the movement also had to be done faster. As for the center backs, I said let’s both warm up, I was evaluating how the game was going, who was better, according to the game of the Paraguayans and in the end we decided on Yerry and I think he came in well and played a good game,” concluded Lorenzo.

Now, Néstor Lorenzo will evaluate this week if Jhon Lucumí can be available, although if not, he will have to analyze who replaces him, since there are doubts about whether Carlos Cuesta can be there or whether he gives confidence to Yerry Mina.

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