Coahuila Shines at Conade 2024 National Judo Competition in Mexico

Coahuila Shines at Conade 2024 National Judo Competition in Mexico


Judokas from Coahuila finish their participation in the national judo competition held at the Campeche XXI Convention Center, by the Conade 2024 Nationals.

Performance by Bris Alejandra Reyes Flores from Coahuila at the Campeche XXI Convention Center during the Conade 2024 Nationals / Photo: State Sports Institute of Coahuila

CAMPECHE, Campeche. – The representatives of Coahuila successfully concluded their participation in Judo during the Conade 2024 Nationals, where the performance of Bris Alejandra Reyes Flores at the Campeche XXI Convention Center stood out.

“I am very proud of each one of them. They have shown dedication and courage, and this experience will be invaluable for their future commitments,” stressed the team coach, Marcos Elihu Mata Mier.

Despite the Coahuila’s journey being complicated, the difficulties did not truncate her achievement, winning against an opponent from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) in the preliminary phase.

Although Reyes Flores did not advance beyond this stage, her victory manages to portray her effort, as well as the hard work that both she and the Coahuila delegation have carried out throughout the day.

It is important to highlight that the state managed to finish its time in the national competition with four medals in total. Those responsible for the feat were Erica Judith López Muñoz and Emiliano Garduño Moya who obtained gold in their participation, followed by Hania Alejandra López Muñoz and Pablo Tadeo Garduño Moya who won silver on the day.

With the end of Coahuila’s participation in the Conade 2024 National Judo, the delegation will seek to prepare hard for future international competitions, highlighting the dedication and performance of the young people from Coahuila during this day.

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