Chilean Players Complain About State of Playing Field at Metlife Stadium During Copa América

Chilean Players Complain About State of Playing Field at Metlife Stadium During Copa América

Complaints from Chile about the state of the Metlife playing field

The 2024 Copa América in the United States got underway with the victory of the Argentine team that defends the title it won three years ago at the legendary Maracaná stadium. Beyond the 2-0 victory against Canada, there were several players from the world champion team who complained about the state of the playing field at the Atlanta United stadium.

The first to react to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium grass was Dibu Martínez: “We have to improve that aspect. Otherwise, the Copa América will always be at a lower level than the Euro Cup,” said the Argentina goalkeeper.

“Coming here against a strong Canada, with good forwards and on a field that is a disaster made it a bit complicated for us. We could have scored many more goals. It was a disaster, when you ran, you were jumping. Angelito (Di María) had a one-on-one against the goalkeeper and ended up with his right foot because he couldn’t get the ball to his foot because of how badly it stung,” added the icon of the national team and opened a debate about the stadiums they use for their competitions. synthetic grass.

In the last few hours, an alert was activated but in another location. The Metlife stadium, in New Jersey, site of the duel against the Albiceleste and Chile, received the trans-Andean delegation. During the tour that the coaching staff made, physical trainer Néstor Bonillo was seen upset with several Conmebol officials over the situation on the field, according to TyC Sports journalist Ariel Senosian.

After the tour of the stadium, the one who spoke on the subject was Ricardo Gareca. “The fields have not been the best. They are not the best scenarios, beyond the intention. I see that the boys have problems in most games. That is, according to what they have told me, there are some unevenness in the fields as a result of arranging the field for the Cup, they have other scenarios, so they accommodate them, and well, then when the ball rolls, “It’s not the best way out there, but we will adjust like all the teams,” explained El Tigre at a press conference.

Ricardo Gareca spoke about the state of the playing field prior to the duel with Argentina (EFE)

While waiting for Scaloni’s word, it should be mentioned that the National Team coach was blunt when asked how he had seen the grass after the victory in his debut. “Did you see it well? Look at the passing speed of the centre-backs and you realize it. It is a field that two days ago was synthetic and they cannot put 100 meters of grass together. They have to add it little by little, with grass-fed bread. That gets patchy and there are continuous cuts. What happens is that I think it is even painted so that it is not noticeable.”

What should be mentioned is that the situation with the playing field and its instability occurs because the natural grass that was installed at the Mercedes-Benz in the city of Atlanta and the Metlife in New Jersey were made on top of the synthetic and not with a conventional layer of sand as in traditional soils. The change was just a few days before the game.

Both venues located on the East Coast of the United States have an artificial playing field, but in the case of the venue for 70,000 spectators located in the suburb of East Rutherford, south of Bergen County, soccer is not played since it is the stadium. which serves for the games of the NFL franchises in the area (New York Giants and Jets).

A postcard of the playing field in Atlanta, home of Argentina’s debut against Canada (REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian)
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