Children Initiated to Six Olympic Sports in Gabon: A Day of Fun and Learning

Children Initiated to Six Olympic Sports in Gabon: A Day of Fun and Learning

At the initiative of the official broadcaster of the Paris Olympic Games this year, and with the assistance of the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF), the Ministry of Culture and other ministries, around a hundred young people took part in stormed the Bay of Kings on June 15. Aged 4 to 15, they became familiar with six sports selected for the Paris competition. At the end of their efforts, they were rewarded with medals and goodies.

Children introduced to breakdancing, June 15, 2024. © GabonReview

On June 15 at the Baie des Rois, in Libreville, around a hundred children aged 4 to 15 gathered around six sporting disciplines for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. In particular, badminton, judo, football, basketball, taekwondo and breakdancing.

From top to bottom, Patrick Bofunda Ilingo, Biyamba Nzila Star Aymar Hugor and Fabrice Mollet on June 15. © GabonReview

At the initiative of the official broadcaster of this competition, Tv5Monde Afrique, with the assistance of the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF), the Ministry of Culture, and that of Communication, among others, the idea was to allow these childrento learn these emblematic sports in a fun way, have fun, share the passion», declared Patrick Bofunda Ilingo, the Africa director of TV5Monde.

Divided into six workshops and alternating after around fifteen minutes, they were each able to practice these disciplines while being coached by high-level Gabonese athletes driven by the desire to transmit their different passions to these rather enthusiastic young people. “The children were really interested. Gabon has the particularity that children are interested in all sports. They discovered badminton for the first time and they want to continue playing it. They couldn’t learn everything. It was an initiation but the ideal is that there should often be this type of activity.“, declared Biyamba Nzila Star Aymar Hugor. A Gabonese international tennis player, he coached young people in badminton.

Some children in the workshop. © GabonReview

«The children are so willing and it’s encouraging», Commented the former Gabonese basketball international, Fabrice Mollet. “It is a discipline that is not very complicated. With repetitions and long-term monitoring, I think it will be fine. We are in the initiation of the orange ball and this initiative by Tv5Monde is commendable. It’s the holidays, the children need leisure and it keeps them healthy“, he added. Gabonese judo international, Ursula Agono Wora was delighted with an interesting promotional day alongside Jean Hussein Ekomo Bikoro who entertained the children in breakdancing, and the OIF unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, happy with the smooth running of the activities .

«There are some children who cannot afford certain activities. They were able to know them and practice them. I’m happy for them and for all of us because we had a great time. I already know certain sports and I learned breakdancing” Luna said. If with the various coaches, these children learned the values ​​of sport and discipline, Tv5Monde Afrique expressed its availability to support initiatives in Libreville, related to the promotion of sport, culture and the values ​​of the French-speaking world. “Tv5Monde is still there. Gabon is a full member of the OIF, we are the operator of the Francophonie so we work directly with Gabon”, said Patrick Bofunda Love.

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