Chicago Bulls: Embracing Change with the Trade of Alex Caruso

Chicago Bulls: Embracing Change with the Trade of Alex Caruso

The trade of Alex Caruso, as unexpected as it is surprising in the consideration, undoubtedly indicates a desire for renewal at the Chicago Bulls. After almost three seasons of inaction, management could (finally) change course.

The Chicago Bulls made their first trade since…August 2021. There is no typo, it was to send Lauri Markkanen to Cleveland. But according to information reported by the franchise’s most informed insider, K.C. Johnson, the front office should not wait 34 months before pushing a new button. The tide is turning in the Windy City, that’s information.

“Artūras Karnišovas promised change in the offseason after admitting (…) that “this group did not work”. And when you trade a player like Alex Caruso, who is essential to the culture that Karnišovas said he wants to build in Chicago, that means Karnišovas is serious about wanting change.” – K.C. Johnson

Overview of the main rumors, still a lot of conditional at the moment.

The Zach LaVine file, a contract that weighs

For several months, the Bulls have been looking to transfer Zach LaVine. It’s no secret for any General Manager, but his gigantic contract (138 million over the next three seasons) is not attractive. According to KC Johnson, Chicago recently initiated discussions with the Philadelphia 76ers and the Utah Jazz to find common ground around the former All-Star.

However, Sixers insider Kyle Neubeck quickly indicated that the Pennsylvania franchise was not interested. Bluff? Smoke screen? Nothing certain at the moment. But KC Johnson also indicated that the bulls have peeled a fifteen proposals around LaVine in recent weeksincluding some from the Sacramento Kings and the Orlando Magic in addition to the two teams mentioned above.

Not the same sources, we will monitor Jazz in the coming days.

— TrashTalk (@TrashTalk_fr) June 21, 2024

The fact remains that in the event of a housebreak in Illinois, much more likely today than a week ago, Zach LaVine should be one of the first dominoes to fall. While the Detroit Pistons had been one of the only teams interested in the trade-deadline, the Chicago Bulls could also be tempted to come back and knock on their neighbors’ doors.

The Bulls will attempt to trade Zach LaVine this offseason, but his market appears to be severely limited.

Only one team reportedly showed interest in LaVine at the deadline, the Pistons, but they will likely pivot with GM Troy Weaver’s future with the organization seriously in…

— Evan Sidery (@esidery) May 26, 2024

La Draft 2024

Before the trade for Josh Giddey, the Chicago Bulls were already in several trade rumors in the 2024 Draft. Jonathan GivonyESPN’s Mr. Draft, indicated on June 7 that the bulls’ front office was inquiring about offers to move up into the top 5. The profiles of Donovan Clingan and Matas Buzelis seem to be the two priority targets in the event of a move .

If the Bulls decide to keep their pick 11, the names of Rob Dillingham, Devin Carter, Ron Holland, Dalton Knecht and Kyle Filipowski are those who have been most associated with the franchise. While the departure of Alex Caruso gives one less asset for a potential trade, Chicago will have to be inventive and find the right partner to avoid finding themselves stuck in eleventh position.

The Bulls are very active in trade talks right now around the league wanting to shake up their roster, per @KCJHoop (

Chicago has been in discussions around potentially trading up from No. 11 overall as well.

Keep an eye on Chicago over the next week.

— Evan Sidery (@esidery) June 20, 2024

La Draft 2025

Last important information: Chicago traded its 2025 first-rounder (protected top 10) in the sign-and-trade for Demar DeRozan in 2021. In other words, the Bulls have every interest in being in the ten worst records next season otherwise the Draft choice returns to San Antonio. If a new season in the soft underbelly offers them a pick 11 or 13, the fans will just have to… cry.

It is also in the face of this risk that the front office may be tempted to go into the draft this year. In the event of no choice in 2025, Karnišovas would be more comfortable with a Clingan or a Buzelis in the squad. The fact remains that the 2025 Draft is expected to be particularly rich in talent.

Due to the DeMar DeRozan sign-and-trade with the Spurs in 2021, the Bulls do not technically own their 2025 first-round pick.

Chicago’s pick is top-10 protected, so they are fully incentivized to potentially attempt to bottom out in what is regarded as an elite draft class.

— Evan Sidery (@esidery) June 20, 2024

The (other) files on Karnišovas’ desk

Before worrying about the 2024-25 season, managers have a lot to do this summer.

  • Demar DeRozan is an unrestricted free agent. The Bulls can offer him a contract extension until June 30. After this date, he will no longer be linked to the franchise and will leave against peanuts. A sign-and-trade, or a new deal are still possible, but the clock is ticking.
  • Patrick Williams ends his rookie contract in 9 days. On this date, he will become a restricted free agent, that is to say that all teams will be able to offer him a contract, and Chicago will be able to align… or not depending on the desire of the franchise.
  • Lonzo Ball, who triggered his final year of contract, is still the biggest question mark on the roster. While his health seems to be improving, the arrival of Josh Giddey in the squad shows the desire of the front office to secure the lead. Ball will be free from any contract in twelve months.
  • Nikola Vucevic, Coby White et Ayo Dosunmu are all under contract until June 2026 at fairly reasonable prices. No contractual hassles to expect here.

Regarding the Alex Caruso trade, it is most likely that it is the first step in a major renewal. If the counterpart – Josh Giddey without any picks – seems thin, he will have to be judged based on overall moves at the end of the summer.

But the history of Artūras Karnišovas calls for caution, he who has been so conservative in recent seasons. Chicago Bulls fans may one day have the right to happiness, but they will have to be patient.

Source text: NBC Sports Chicago, NBC Sports Chicago

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