Celebrating Young Champions: A Look at the 2024 Sporting Rankings

Celebrating Young Champions: A Look at the 2024 Sporting Rankings

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Young people are making a strong showing in the rankings, is this a trend that reinforces your efforts in terms of supporting sport?

Seeing all these young people on stage is huge! Sport and physical activity strongly contribute to academic success, with improved concentration. We learn to win, to lose, to confront others or simply to sweat, in short, there are only virtues. And it is the best antidote to screens, which bring the best and the worst. With two thirds of kids spending four hours a day in front of a screen, there is nothing better than sport to find balance and the examples of these trophies are inspiring.

And they’re not just young, you’ll notice that girls are taking the top positions in 2024…

Of course, sport is not reserved for the expression of virility and that they obtain such good results is fantastic news. Girls have the right to the same access, to the same conditions of practice, there is not even a debate!

The two champions of champions will be present at the Paralympic Games, is that also a source of pride for the Department?

I was talking about inspiring examples, and here too Nicolas Jouanserre and Emeline Pierre are perfect examples. This distinction is an encouragement, a sign that we must further accentuate their emphasis. No one should be left behind. The same goes for the Paralympic Games, which we tend to put in the background. Moreover, I would personally be in favor of them being organized before and not after the Olympic Games, for better exposure.

The 2024 list

Champions of champions: Emeline Pierre (handisport swimming) and Nicolas Jouanserre (handisport basketball).
Football offensive challenge: Lolita Martin (Pôle Palois, top scorer), Portuguese de Pau (best attack).
Handball offensive challenge: Lescar Handball (best female attack), Esprit Lons Handball (best male attack).
Volleyball offensive challenge: Genêts de Mesplède.
Basketball offensive challenge: Mourenx Basket Bassin de Lacq (best female attack), Sporting Club Audaux Navarrenx (best male attack).
Rugby offensive challenge: Vincent Dumont (Usep, top scorer), Kévin Darrigrand (Mourenx, top scorer), Etoile Sportive Arudyenne (best attack).
Running and triathlon champions: Jocelyne Pauly, Maxime Cazajous, Alice Mugnier, Louis Vitiello.
Canoe-kayak champions: the Pau Canoë Kayak university club, Benjamin Rénia, Marjorie and Anatole Delassus.
Champions squad: Lucas Hourçadorigaray & Nicolas Hourmat, Théo Pucheux, Jean Olharan.
Motorsport champions: Stéphanie & Jérôme Duparcq, Patrick Provence, Jérôme Gouvet.
Cycling champions: Jan Hernandez Reilhe (Serres-Castet), VC Nay.
Tomorrow’s champions: Roxane Chabrol (Section Paloise, fencing), Mathilde Aurel (Lons, judo), Alicia Marques (Orthez, judo), Kalina Hoadley (Oloron, swimming).
Favorite: the Fire Cheerleaders of ASPTT Pau Billère, SA Mauléon Football and SA Mauléon Rugby

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