Celebrating Success: A Year of Achievements for Varian Archers & President Giampiero Arrigoni Morocco

Celebrating Success: A Year of Achievements for Varian Archers & President Giampiero Arrigoni Morocco

The President of the Archers Varian Giampiero Arrigoni Morocco can be considered satisfied with the year just passed, a year crowned by many successes achieved by the competitive team, made up of young and old.

The most notable result was the silver medal obtained by the girls team at the Italian indoor championships in Rimini in the Olympic arch division, made up of Elisa Tallarico, Elena Scarpinello e Aurora Masiello.

Silver medal Italian indoor championship. From left: Aurora, Elisa and Elena

But also not to underestimate all the results obtained at regional level, in the indoor competition, from the youth classes to the master classes: in total three gold medals, two silver medals and four bronze medals were obtained.

Indoor Regional Championship. Men’s and women’s teams on the podium. From left: Valter Bianchet, Franco Casarola, Andrea Cammilleri, Elisa Tallarico, Carlotta Cernusco and Kaede Marsili

Also in the Regional Targa Championship (outdoor) the Varian Archers asserted themselves, obtaining two gold medals, five silver medals and six bronze medals.

The complete youth team. Regional Targa Championship

Furthermore, it was a busy year full of events, almost all of which were organized in the municipal archery range in Settimo. Thanks to this structure, very well managed by the Varian Archers group, four interregional competitions were held, plus two youth competitions: Coni Trophy Regional Phase and Student Sports Games.

An interregional indoor competition was then organized which took place in the building in via S. Benigno a Settimo; without forgetting the demonstrations held in Settimo and neighboring towns.

A year similar to the previous one is expected for 2024, intense for the organized activities, and hopefully also for the results… to equal, or rather surpass, those of 2023.

Various scheduled activities and events have already taken place, such as the Regional Pinocchio Trophy competition in the Winter phase, where several young Varian archers distinguished themselves: in the 2016 male class we find first place David Bianchetin third place in the 2015 class Claudio Bianchetin the women’s competition the fourth place of Martina Giordanoclass of 2016, while in the female class of 2011 there are Aurora Polizzi in second place, followed in fourth place by Blue Stable.

A phase of the Pinocchio Trophy

On the left Aurora Polizzi

On the right Claudio Bianchet

Two interregional competitions were also organized where the influx was very intense and unexpected.

But the commitment that is closest to the hearts of the Settimo Archers are the archery courses in middle schools, where six classes were able to learn about and practice this sporting discipline. The “Towards the Centre” project was conceived several years ago, and is still very current and appreciated by both children and teachers. The activity ends with a final competition, in this edition all six classes were involved, and it took place in the courtyard of the Gramsci school in Settimo.

The first place girls

The first place boys

In the coming months, very important events are planned at regional and national level and the arrivals of athletes from other regions and athletes from the national team who will participate in the Paris Olympics are expected.

Another event that the Settimo Archers care about is the “Trofeo del Cavolo”, a competition that will take place in conjunction with the “Fera dij Coj” in the building in via San Benigno.

April 2024: recognition by the municipality of Settimo

Sunday’s team in Cantalupa, made up of the Olympic Archers Division

Team in Cantalupa: Barebow and Compound Division Archers



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