Carvajal is going out: “I am an absolute killer”

Carvajal is going out: “I am an absolute killer”

The national team players left happy after defeating Croatia, although aware that they have only taken a first step. The match was good to confirm the good feelings that footballers like Carvajal or Lamine Yamal ended up withas well as observing that Pedri or Dani Olmo are completely gone to the cause in this European Championship in Germany.

Carvajal was one of the footballers who appeared before the media and said he felt “very happy, You couldn’t ask for more in a first match of a final phase against a great rival“, although he had a self-critical tone when admitting that “They have had their options. We have suffered too much, we have slowed down with the 3-0 and they have been able to get involved with the penalty and so on. In the end everything turned out well.”

The right wing flew with the Madrid player and Lamine Yamal. Carvajal only had words of praise for the Blaugrana youth: “The connection with Lamine Yamal has gone very well, he had a very strong rival in front of him like Gvardiol and he has surpassed him quite a few times. The team has been good on both sides. It was a very good game in general terms and it practically put us in the round of 16.”

Morata, Fabián and Lamine Yamal, after one of the Spain-Croatia goals. / EFE

Regarding the fear that they may have imposed on the rivals in the tournament, Carvajal recalled that “we are a strong team, we want to do great things and go far in this Euro. We are already thinking about Italy, sealing qualification with another victory and continuing step by step.”

The funny moment was when he was asked about his scoring streak, after his goal in the Champions League final, “I’m an absolute killer,” he said with a smile. More seriously he pointed out that “in the end, with set pieces you have to be smart and have determination. I anticipated the first post and I just had to push it. “I’m happy because they trust me with the offensive set piece.”

Just scares

The only point of concern came with the two injured players. Álvaro Morata stated that “it’s just a blow”while Rodrigo Hernández also clarified that he will be fit to play: “I’m fine, no problems”.

Spain’s main star was Fabián Ruiz. The MVP of the match appeared at a special press conference for the best player of the match and explained how his great goal had been created: “Pedri gives me the ball. Then Luka Modric arrives, he cuts it back, Brozovic appears and I try to finish as best I could. In the end I was lucky that it went between his legs. De la Fuente always asks us to finish the plays“.

The fantasy of Fabián and Yamal; Morata’s release / sefutbol

Regarding his lack of media weight, Fabián did not give it much thought. “I have never thought about whether they underestimate me or not. I try to do my job on the field of play. I can’t worry about what happens outside and I try to do my best for my club and the national team. It is an honor to represent my country in a European Championship and I thank the coach for giving me the opportunity.”


For its part, Marc Cucurella also gave a lot of value “to being successful in both areas and we must continue in this line to gain confidence.”“The former Blaugrana only regretted”Some moments when we’ve lost control, but we’re young and we can correct it.”

Dani Olmo also had minutes to relieve Pedri and play in a position of “half point that I like, I have already said it more times, although I am available to the team for whatever they need.”

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