Can the Mavericks Make a Comeback and Contend Again Next Year?

Can the Mavericks Make a Comeback and Contend Again Next Year?

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Will the Mavericks be contenders again next year?

It is unlikely that the Mavericks and Doncic will go down in history as a one-hit wonder. After all, they showed their potential two years ago when they reached the Conference Finals, and many stars lost in the finals before their first championship. Doncic paid the price for his mistakes, but at the same time proved that he can be a champion’s best player.

However, this is by no means a guarantee, and linear improvement should not be expected at the highest level of professional sport anyway. Then there is the damn tough Western Conference. In the offseason, one or two stars from the West could move to the East, but the conference is unlikely to be much weaker than it has been in recent years.

So maybe the Mavericks and Doncic need three years to get back to the finals. Or five, or ten, or Doncic may never make it again. That wouldn’t be the first time, even for a player of his caliber. But his chances are good.

In the West, there will again be a few teams that can win the conference and then the finals if most things go right for them. This includes the Mavericks, who are currently rated by bookmakers as having the third-best chance of winning the 2025 title, on a par with the Thunder. Behind the Celtics and Nuggets, just ahead of the Bucks and Wolves.

The Sixers could still make a big leap if the rumors about Paul George turn out to be true. The Knicks could also improve by adding another superstar, probably Donovan Mitchell. But many teams are not ranked ahead of the Mavs in the coming season, and that will not change.

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