CA Vincennes Player Secures Second French Championship Title Five Years After First Victory

CA Vincennes Player Secures Second French Championship Title Five Years After First Victory

Five years after a first coronation in 70 years, the CA Vincennes player won his second French championship title at Le Touquet. And he even won double with his friend Hervé Cachelot.

“Le Touquet brings me luck”, smiles Pierre-Hervé Gautier (IDF, 2/15). The CA Vincennes player has just won his second French championship title, five years after the first, and for the second time in the seaside resort of Pas-de-Calais.

But it came close for this double “made in Hauts-de-France” to fall through. In the semi-finals, the Ile-de-France player came within a few points of defeat. “I was led 6/2, 5-2 by Guy Pommarede (NVA, 15/2). I came back and managed to win the tiebreaker before finishing in a super tight tie-break. He led 8-7 before I won the last three points. He’s a very good player who goes up a lot on the volley like me but I managed to get to the net before him in the second part of the match.”

A Vincennes double

In the final, Pierre-Hervé Gautier then dominated Jean-Claude Bonhomme (ARA, 15/2) in two sets (6/3, 6/2). “I know him well, before the match, we were 2-2 in the confrontations. He is a player who rounds a lot and I managed to be offensive. He also had difficulty moving because he had an injured thigh. But I am very happy with this victory, I like Le Touquet, the club is very pleasant and welcoming, the town is pretty.”

Five years later, here he is again champion of France. And even double champion since he won the doubles trophy with his partner from Vincennes, Hervé Cachelot !

“I pushed him a lot this year so that he qualified for the French championships. The sensations in doubles are very different. You have to accept your faults and those of the other, play as a team. What’s more, we played the final against Patrice Beust, with whom we train every Sunday in Vincennes. On an emotional level, we have to sort out the usual friendships. (laughs)“.

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