Broken nose: France star Mbappé injured |

Broken nose: France star Mbappé injured |

Status: 18.06.2024 01:01 a.m.

France’s winger Kylian Mbappé apparently broke his nose in a collision in the match against Austria (1:0). However, according to information from the association, he does not require an operation.

Bitter injury in the first European Championship match: France’s superstar Kylian Mbappé suffered a broken nose in the 86th minute in a duel with Austria’s Kevin Danso. “Kylian has obviously broken his nose, that is the tricky point of the evening,” national coach Deschamps is quoted as saying on the French Football Association’s website.

“This is unpleasant for us,” Deschamps continued. French media such as the usually well-informed “L’Équipe” report that Mbappé got into an ambulance heading to Düsseldorf University Hospital for a more detailed examination. According to the French association president Philippe Diallo, however, Mbappé does not need to undergo surgery.

Yellow card for Mbappé

Mbappé had collided with Danso’s shoulder. After a short treatment on and off the pitch, the striker ran back onto the field because referee Jesús Gil Manzano initially ignored the Frenchman’s intention to make a substitution.

On the pitch, Mbappé fell again, the game was stopped again and he received a yellow card. He was then substituted.


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