Brazilian National Team Responds to Ronaldinho Gaucho’s Controversial Statements

Brazilian National Team Responds to Ronaldinho Gaucho’s Controversial Statements

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The Brazilian National Team footballer took the floor and responded to the Canarinha idol.


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June 15, 2024, 04:44 p.m. m.

The Brazilian National Team is on fire after Ronaldinho Gaucho’s controversial statements in the last few hours. And the idol called the current players of the team for not feeling the shirt and also assured that he will not watch the Copa América because the team does not transmit anything to him.

“I’m not going to watch any of Brazil’s games. Everything is missing: drive, joy, playing well,” he commented at the beginning in dialogue with the YouTube channel ‘Cartoloucos’.

And he added: “I have followed football since I was a child, long before I thought about being a player, and I had never seen such a bad situation. There is a lack of love for the shirt, a lack of determination and the most important of all: football.”

Faced with these controversial words, Raphinha responded to Ronaldinho and assured that his words took the group by surprise and that he disagrees with what he said.


National teams

“It was a surprise not only for me, but for the entire group… He had never made a statement like that in his life; On the contrary, he has always shown his support for the team. It was a surprise to many people. I consider him an idol, a reference, everyone who is in the national team, not only the players, but everyone who works here sees him as a reference,” he said at a press conference.

Then, he assured that he does not agree with what ‘Dinho’ said: Obviously, we do not agree, I do not agree, I am in my third year and I see commitment, desire, pride in wearing the shirt, I do not agree With what has been said, I don’t see the drive, the desire, to have average players wearing the national team’s shirt. I completely disagree, they all have quality, merit.”

Finally, he reiterated the surprise of the fact internally: “It is a surprise to hear that coming from him, but I don’t agree, being here I see it every day.”

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