Brames Judokas Shine and Receive End-of-Season Rewards in Front of Large Audience

Brames Judokas Shine and Receive End-of-Season Rewards in Front of Large Audience

In front of a large audience, the Brames judokas showed their progress and received their end-of-season rewards.

Last Saturday, the dojo tatami was moved about ten meters away, into the gymnasium, for the organization of the traditional end-of-season gala. This is in order to welcome all the judokas together, parents, alumni of the club and friends of the club, as comfortably as possible. Like every year, there was excitement among the young judokas, all eager to show what they have acquired during the year.

Very loud applause

The novelty was the presentation of the warm-up exercises which was done jointly from the white belts to the black belts to begin with. Then, there were a few randoris between young and old with very loud applause, especially when the “little ones” showed a hold causing a big one to fall. And finally there were fights, refereed and commented on by the president and referee of the club Henri Goguet-Chapuis, who translated a few words of arbitration (hajimé, waza-ari, ippon, etc.), because if the official language of the Olympic Games is French, that of judo refereeing is Japanese.

This part finished, the municipal councilor in charge of Sports, who represented Mrs. the Mayor, spoke, congratulating the judokas for their performance, Professor Jean-Michel and the educators who accompanied him as well as the entire team of volunteers who ,, alongside President Mr. Goguet-Chapuis, works throughout the season to ensure that members are welcomed optimally. He had a thought for the recently deceased Louis Rougé, as well as for Odile Delmas, who both participated in the founding of the club and were involved in it for more than a quarter of a century. The moment arrived for the presentation of new ranks or new belts which took on color for almost all of the judokas, before the buffet prepared by the volunteers was shared.

Bathing. We had announced an opening of supervised swimming in Buzerens from yesterday Saturday June 15, in fact it will be from Saturday 22 from 2 p.m., and until 6 p.m. It will be the next day, Sunday June 23, then every day from Saturday June 29 until August 4, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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