BKN BBQ and End-of-Season Badminton Tournament: A Recap of Fun and Success

BKN BBQ and End-of-Season Badminton Tournament: A Recap of Fun and Success

This year, the Badminton Klub Noordwijkerhout (BKN) has organized another barbecue for its members and partners. We didn’t do it last year, but afterwards we thought it was a loss. For something like this you obviously need a location where you can accommodate about 30 people and the barbecue under cover. Fortunately, this was possible with one of our members, Nel Koendjbiharie. Besides the meat…

members had made their own salads and cakes/muffins. We had to plan this activity far in advance, so you don’t know what the weather will be like. Unfortunately, last Saturday, June 15, was not good either, cold, wind and rain. Everyone was welcome from 5:00 PM, but then the rain poured down. Fortunately, we were able to sit/stand sheltered under a canopy with those present (25 people) (see photo).

We placed the barbecue in a shed (see photo). There was plenty of food and it was very tasty. People had a good time despite the bad weather. After everyone had eaten enough, the meal ended with coffee or tea and something tasty. At 11:00 PM the last people went home and we could look back on a successful evening.

Tuesday, June 18 was the last playing evening of the season in the Temporary Schelft. Traditionally we held a tournament. It was possible to stock up from 8 p.m. After they were warm enough to play a match, everyone came together and Ton (our trainer) explained the game. Everyone received 5 cards and if you won a game you could choose a card from the loser with the intention that you had to have Yahtzee at the end of the evening.

At half past eight the parties were divided and they started. They played fanatically. After fifteen minutes the whistle blew and cards had to be exchanged. After a short break, the next (different layout) games were divided. After five rounds we stopped and the rankings were drawn up.

Jack and John both had Yahtzee and Kitty, Petra and Louis all had square. Our chairman Kees had the consolation prize because he had the lowest points. We ended the evening in the canteen with a snack and a drink. All in all it was a pleasant and sporty evening. Wishing everyone a happy holiday.

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