Behind the Scenes: Portuguesa vs Juventus draw in Copa Paulista revealed in new Lusa TV video

Behind the Scenes: Portuguesa vs Juventus draw in Copa Paulista revealed in new Lusa TV video

A Lusa TV released this Monday (17), on their social networks, the behind-the-scenes video of the draw between Portuguesa and Juventus, last Saturday (15), on Rua Javari, in the first round of the Copa Paulista. The video, which showed the moments before and during this weekend’s duel, highlighted the anxiety of the athletes, most of whom came up from the Under-20s, to have their opportunity in Lusa’s main team.

The beginning of the video showed the arrival of the Portuguese delegation bus at Rua Javari, as well as images of fans who were already preparing to enter the stadium. Then, backstage showed all the preparation, warming up in the dressing room, as well as the Portuguese fans entering the stadium.

Then, some moments were shown of fans chanting in support of the squad. Upon arriving on the lawn, the athletes began to warm up before returning to the lecture.

“It’s the game of life. It’s the first game where we impose ourselves, conquer, put fear in our opponents. That’s our name on this p%$#. You have to go in with a hard foot. It’s about winning, without excuses”, said full-back Pedro Henrique.

Then, in the famous moment of prayer before the games, it was coach Alan Dotti’s turn to leave a message of encouragement to the young values ​​of the Portuguese base.

“Come on, win! Regardless of the opponent. It’s about seeking victory from beginning to end. And honor the ### of my brother’s shirt,” she commented.

Goalkeeper Rafael Pascoal, one of the remaining members of the squad that competed in last year’s Copa Paulista, highlighted the importance of the athletes being together and moving up to the professional ranks after most of them had played for the Portuguese Under-20 team.

“It’s difficult for c%%%% to get there. It’s an honor to be with you. And you know what is even more honorable? You are fighting together. One fighting for the other’s dream. You arrived together, old man. This is a great honor,” she stressed.

After the prayer, the athletes entered the pitch and the shouts of support coming from the Portuguese stands were shown. After the best moments of the duel, which featured a goal from Guilherme Portuga, in the first half. The video ended with the final whistle from referee Murilo Tarrega Victor.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video released by Lusa TV

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