Behind the Scenes at the Mercedes Benz Stadium for the Copa América

Behind the Scenes at the Mercedes Benz Stadium for the Copa América


ATLANTA (special envoy).- The doors of the Mercedes Benz opened about four hours before the start of the opening game of the America Cup. The tide of Argentine shirts began to slowly fill the imposing stadium that today was filled with 71,000 people. Our country’s football will be represented on the pitch by the world champions. But the contrast between the inaugural venue in the capital of Georgia and the Argentine fields is stark.

While waiting for the opening ceremony of the competition and the start of the last champion’s game, the fans present enjoyed all the distractions and entertainment offered by major American sporting events, such as American football or the NBA.

In the hallways of this stadium that opened in 2017 there are vodka or whiskey bars, ATMs, cell phone chargers, luxury cars on display, all kinds of food and even soda machines to refill your glasses as many times as you want.. Any resemblance to Argentine football is total fiction.

Fans walk the halls of the stadium before the game

The prices: a beer, draft or can, can cost between US$8 and US$15, depending on the brand. A double measure of whiskey: US$19. The soda with refill At any point in the stadium it is available for US$2. A large box of popcorn costs US$9 and a hamburger costs US$10. A large portion of nachos, US$18; and some tacos, US$9.

The official t-shirt store was filled with fans in the run-up. Captain Leo Messi’s number 10 was selling like hotcakes. The price: US$160. The albiceleste shirt without a number cost US$130. Outside the stadium, unofficial team t-shirts were available for $40 or more.

Argentine fans, in advance of the debut of the Copa AméricaAnibal Greco

Entry to the stadium is only with the QR code that is scanned from your cell phone. Despite the number of attendees, there are no police inside. Only some private security guards and staff to assist the public.

As published by LA NACION, the imposing stadium is the home of Atlanta United, of the MLS; and the Atlanta Falcons, of the NFL, and has synthetic grass. The American soccer league and also that of the Confederation of North American, Central American and Caribbean Soccer (Concacaf) allow matches on this type of surface. But for the Copa América, which starts tonight in this setting, they decided to plant natural grass. Although it was not officially confirmed, the request to install it would have arisen from the Argentine delegation. A concession to the most convening figure. And, also, not to show this artificial surface in the opening match that will be followed by millions of spectators around the world, accustomed to another type of playing field.

Argentine fans in the stands of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium waiting for the match between Argentina and Canada in Group A Anibal Greco

Beyond the machinery that the Americans put in place to efficiently organize events of this type, the issue here was that the surface change was made three days before the Argentina-Canada match, something that worried the coach. Lionel Scaloni.

In his North American experience, Messi and his Inter Miami play in six stadiums with carpet floors. The commitments of the stadium owners made it impossible for the installation to take place earlier. Before the Atlanta United game, the Rolling Stones also played here (June 7).

Beyond the makeup they can achieve in 24 hours, the truth is that this Thursday the grass will not be one hundred percent. The most complicated part will be seen in the joints of the panels that cross the court from arch to arch.

The Mercedes Benz was built in 2017 and cost about $1.5 billion. It has a retractable roof made up of eight translucent triangular pieces that slide in a straight line. The structure is made with more than 18,000 sheets of steel.

The stadium will also host the match that the United States will play against Panama on June 27. He was also designated as venue of the next World Cup, which will be held in two years in the United States, Mexico and Canada. It will host a total of eight World Cup matches, including one of the semifinals.

Arrival of Argentine fans at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in AtlantaAníbal Greco

The steel mass that can be seen several blocks away was designed by the architecture studio Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum and when it was inaugurated it was the first stadium to achieve certification sustainable buildingsdeveloped by the United States Green Building Council.

The Mercedes Benz has the largest 360-degree screen in the world. It is a mega structure of almost 6,000 square meters and 2,000 screens placed more than 17 meters high.

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