Bayern Munich Enters Dispute Between DFL and DAZN

Bayern Munich Enters Dispute Between DFL and DAZN

Record football champion Bayern Munich apparently wants to get involved in the dispute between the German Football League (DFL) and the streaming provider DAZN. As the Bild newspaper reports, the Munich team sent a three-page letter to the DFL management on Wednesday with detailed questions about the background to the public dispute with DAZN. According to SID information, however, the DFL had not yet received such a letter by early Wednesday evening.

The DFL and DAZN are in a legal dispute

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“Based on membership in the DFL and the position of the clubs as holders of the broadcasting rights, we are asserting a right to information and disclosure to which all clubs are entitled,” says the letter, which Bild newspaper says it was informed about by the Bayern supervisory board. In a catalogue, the Munich-based club is demanding answers to “almost 20 questions” on the topics of tendering, auction and award, as well as legal disputes.

Due to the dispute with DAZN, the DFL suspended the auction of German-language media rights for the four seasons from 2025/26 to 2028/29 in mid-April. Specifically, this concerns rights package B, which includes the Saturday Bundesliga games at 3:30 p.m. as well as the individual games on Friday evening and the relegation.

DAZN feels discriminated against because its offer for rights package B was rejected, even though it was “the most financially attractive and convincing.” According to Bild, the offer was 400 million euros per season, but the DFL did not accept the financial guarantees provided by DAZN. Therefore, the corresponding package is said to have already gone to Sky despite the lower offer. DAZN has therefore taken the matter to arbitration.

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