Basketball and Politics: The Legacy of Larry O’Brien and the NBA Finals Trophy

Basketball and Politics: The Legacy of Larry O’Brien and the NBA Finals Trophy

The Boston Celtics are close to being crowned in the 2024 NBA Finals, Joe Mazzulla’s team will seek to write its name in history and lift the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Most NBA fans recognize the name and silhouette of the popular trophy awarded to the champion in the NBA Finals.

How did Larry O’Brien become famous?

Many probably do not know that Larry O’Brien He did not dedicate his life to basketball. There are no records of O’Brien having played in an official basketball game in his lifetime. The Springfield, Massachusetts native made a name for himself in politics.

He served the Democratic Party for more than two decades as one of its chief electoral strategists. He was Postmaster General of the United States and was appointed to President Lyndon Johnson’s cabinet in the mid-1960s. O’Brien was also a top camp adviser to the Kennedys and George McGovern in the 1960s and 1970s. .

When was Larry O’Brien appointed NBA commissioner?

With his legacy cemented in politics and his leadership skills unquestioned, the NBA came knocking at a particularly sensitive time. He was named the league’s third commissioner, succeeding J. Walter Kennedy in 1975.

As commissioner, he pushed for the ABA-NBA merger, which would eventually grow the league from 18 teams to 23. O’Brien also negotiated a multimillion-dollar television deal with CBS that would take the company to new heights and reach a larger audience. Not only did television viewership grow during his tenure as commissioner, but stadium attendance increased like never before. Ticket revenue for the league’s teams doubled and the NBA’s popularity reached new heights. One of the most important rule changes in O’Brien’s time was the introduction of the triple in 1979.

Before the Larry O’Brien Trophy existed, the NBA awarded its champion the Walter A. Brown Trophy. This trophy was lent to the winning teams until the following year, when a new champion took over, much like the Stanley Cup in the NHL. That trophy lasted from 1947 to 1976.

Which quintet was the first to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy?

In 1977, the league introduced a modified trophy named after its commissioner Larry O’Brien. The newly renovated trophy was first hoisted by Bill Walton and the Portland Trail Blazers, who defeated the Philadelphia 76ers in six games.

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Victor Solomon and Tiffany & Co. teamed up to create and remodel the majority of the trophies awarded in the 2023 NBA season. During the All-Star Game, the new Kobe Bryant trophy was awarded to the game’s MVP. The Conference Finals MVP trophies were announced, with Nikola Jokic winning the Magic Johnson trophy as Western Conference Finals MVP and Jimmy Butler winning the Larry Bird trophy as Eastern Conference Finals MVP.

While slight modifications were made to the Larry O’Brien, the trophy’s silhouette was too iconic to change. So they just tilted it forward slightly and there were some minor improvements to the ‘network’ details.

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