Barça’s Basketball Team Adjusts Plans After Mario Hezonja Disappointment

Barça’s Basketball Team Adjusts Plans After Mario Hezonja Disappointment

The discarding of Mario Hezonja after having agreed on his signing has caused Barça to have to readjust the plan it had to remodel the first basketball team. The big investment has now gone to Kevin Punter, a scoring guard, while for the ‘three’ position that the Croatian was supposed to occupy, Barça is now targeting the American Jaron Blossomgame, a team player with a very high profile. more discreet.

Planning has also had to change in the internal game, since the injury of James Nnaji, who underwent back surgery a few days ago, has aborted his intention to make the jump to the NBA. After learning that the Nigerian center will have to be out for four months, the Charlotte Hornets, a team that has his rights in the NBA, have preferred to postpone his incorporation to the following summer, where they will be able to work with him and have him play in the ‘summer leagues’.

Given this situation, Barça has ruled out the arrival of Trevion Williams, activating the cut-off clause of the pre-agreement that existed. The Barça team is no longer looking for a ‘five’ but a ‘four’, a guaranteed player who will maintain the team’s competitive level when Jabari Parker rests. Oscar da Silva has a contract but Barça has opened the exit door for him and the power forward has a preliminary agreement with Pablo Laso’s Bayern Munich. Only if Barça does not find a ‘four’ to his liking could the German continue wearing Barça.

As in the case of Blossomgame, Barça is looking for a power forward with a medium profile who arrives free since its treasury no longer allows for large expenditures. An affordable player and not from outside the EU, since those two places (the maximum that can play in the Endesa League) would already be occupied by Jabari Parker and Blossomgame himself. Kevin Punter, also an American, has a Serbian passport.

One of the few guarantee options that the market offers is that of the German international Johannes Thiemann (30 years old, 2.05), who ends his contract with Alba Berlin, and has been the 11th most valued player in the last Euroleague.

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