Arkulariak Dominates Recurve Bow Category: Four Archers Finish in Top Four

Arkulariak Dominates Recurve Bow Category: Four Archers Finish in Top Four

Four archers from Arkulariak finished in the top four in the recurve bow category

Marta Moreno at the top of the podium. PHOTO. Arkulariak

ARCHERY |Last weekend it was held in Sestao the absolute Bizkaia Archery Championship. Los Arkulariak archers performed at a high level on a day in which it did not stop raining at any time. The competition began around 9:00 a.m. and The weather forecasts already predicted a very complicated day so the uncomfortable raincoats and hats made their appearance from the first moment.

After the two qualifying series, In recurve bow, five of the club’s archers made it into the top eight and advanced to the quarterfinals, in the division of Instinctivo women, the representative of the club sneaked into the semifinals as second in the series and in Instinctivo men, one of the goalkeepers entered the quarterfinals as sixth place.

In a disputed quarterfinal they were four of the club’s goalkeepers won their qualifying rounds, so in the semi-finals the white color of Arkulariak’s kit dominated the shooting line in this division. In instinctive arc Roberto Martinez from Durango could not advance to the semi-finals and Marta Moreno, also from Durango, made it to the final.

The finals for gold and bronze were disputed, in an instinctive arc, Marta Moreno won the gold and the txapela of champion of Bizkaia, which adds to those achieved in the Basque League and in the Euskadi Absolute championship. In recurve bow, The club’s goalkeepers shared the first four places: gold Pedro Heredia (Durango) silver for Salustiano Quintana (Etxebarri), bronze was Adrián Ruiz (Durango) and fourth place for Javier Patino (Amorebieta)

Archers of the Durangarra team. PHOTO. Arkulariak

“Must insist on asking local administrations for adequate facilities and more time to use them so that the club’s athletes can maintain these results and increase those already achieved in regional, state and, why not, international competitions,” they requested from the Durangarra team.

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